Call it the biggest nightmare, human’s Karma or nature’s deadliest drill. None would change the fact that this pandemic of Covid 19 has shook the entire world like nothing else.

Nations are collectively struggling to get over this worldwide epidemic. That holds the impact on almost all the domains like society, economy, industries, government, labor, farmers etc.

But the even when we pass though the eye of this huge hurricane, we would see a huge cultural metamorphosis. We would see a drastic change in the way we used to live. The way we use to work, party and even remorse – all would be changed.

Though hand sanitizers have always been a part of our lifestyle, but they’ve always been associated with a high class & sophisticated upbringing. But now in the coming day and age, sanitizers would be included in our daily routine.

People won’t move out of their houses without a bottle of sanitizer, face shield, face mask and a pair of gloves. Terms like social distancing, quarantine, work from home, video call, lockdown, would be a part of our normal lingo.


We’re already seeing a change in the way people are perceiving utilities and luxuries. For all who were used to having hair spas, pedicures, manicures, beauticians’ appointments, are now surviving even with the most scary and bushy eye brows. We can surely ditch on facials and makeup since nothing’s going to be visible – thanks to mask culture!

We’re somehow forced to comprehend the utilitarian aspects of things that we are investing in. Pay cuts and job layoffs are some of the factors of reduced disposable income. Thus, even after the lockdown gets loosened a bit, we would all be a bit skeptical while investing in something which doesn’t have a utility feature.

These times have somewhere made us let go off the status quo & have taught us of being happy without buying the designer bags or shoes. It must’ve happened with a lot of us that we got perplexed looking at the piles of clothes, accessories, bags and shoes what we’ve accumulated throughout our lives. Do we even need them all?

Well, that question would remain unanswered till the time we get back to a complete normal situation. When we’re seeing a scenario where all the industries, markets, shopping complexes, stadiums, schools & colleges have become almost stagnant, we are forced to rethink about the demarcation of utility and luxury.


‘Baby boomers’ gave the instant rise in the populace of America after Second World War when the American soldiers came back to their home. Likewise, we’ll be seeing an instant boom of young talent post this pandemic era.

Young and energetic lot have got enough self-time for projections. People are coming up with various sustainable alternatives of utilities and now luxury.

Words like ecofriendly, sustainable, green and bio safe, would be really common for the coming future. We’re going to see a circular consumption and production when it comes to fashion and luxury markets.         

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