BOSS LADY – A threat to MEN?

They say behind every successful man there’s a woman but behind every successful woman there’s every man who told her everything she couldn’t do. Patriarchy has always played a very essential role in restricting the genders to their norms. Men have always been depicted as the one who have been working for the meal ticket for their family. Society has always considered the male gender to be the more superior one.

A sense of ego is reflected within the species which comes from a pattern of societal norms which leads both, men and women to believe that this is how the world works. A woman is supposed to obey the man in order to maintain peace and harmony. The man is the alpha and the woman acts as the beta. That’s the way the ecosystem works and it should not be played with. However, that is extremely untrue.


It’s not just about feminism which we see in the #metoo movements, or on social media it’s about the sense of equality. Feminism took over women which led them to believe that they are better than men, or men are atrocious. That’s not what the ideal meaning of feminism is. It’s the first of many steps of awareness or the respect that the gender should have received since the brink of evolution but didn’t. Feminism is important considering the world we live in, however throwing shade is just political and that’s what generally happens. Powerful women have served as icons for the public which inspires normal girls to stand up for themselves. It serves as a story which gives hope that someday they might make it to be successful as well.


Men tend to not date smarter women. This comes from the pattern of having and wanting to be the superior one in the equation. Statistically, they find it easier to deal with someone who will listen to them, be submissive. Dominance is very high on the surface of the male gender and it’s usually due to the patriarchal background they’re brought up in. In a study, men formed favourable impressions and showed greater interest in women who displayed more (versus less) intelligence than themselves. But in reality, when faced with actually meeting a female who was smarter than they were, the men “distanced themselves more from her, tended to rate her as less attractive, and showed less desire to exchange contact information or plan a date with her,” the study revealed. Many men do not want to spend their lives in a “competitive” relationship. Therefore, you can say that it is an emotional, not a rational, decision when men choose not to be with a more successful woman. So perhaps, it may have been her job that scared them off?


According to many men, successful women are charismatic, and they love to be around them, but they do not want these types of women to be their wives. Therefore, men prefer passive women. In a corporate atmosphere as well, we’ve seen lady bosses receive a lot of negative bias because men prefer to report to other men generally. A lady has to go through a lot of stepping stones in order to gain the respect she deserves as the leader. Men tend to be more threatened by a female boss and respond assertively. According to researchers, this pattern of behaviour is common for men trying to protect their masculinity. By playing with status and gender, the researchers were able to show that status alone isn’t enough to make men feel threatened and assert themselves it’s gender plus status that jeopardizes their manhood and causes them to be pushier with women in the workplace.


In an article in Elle magazine, Laurie Abraham discussed the negative reactions caused by a female athlete, the WNBA phenom Brittney Griner, who shows professional skills on a par with male players (e.g. she can dunk). Abraham labels this backlash as caused by “MAD” – Masculine Anxiety Disorder – the notion that males seem somehow threatened by a high-achieving woman, particularly in a typically male environment. The abbreviation MAD in no way is a clinical diagnosis or category, it still marks a very misogynistic behaviour on the side of the male gender. In the previous year, laying eyes at the political situation in Washington, DC, there had been many attempts made by the male members of the U.S. Senate in order to quiet down the female members. Whether it was Mitch McConnell’s recent attempt to silence Elizabeth Warren in the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing or the many attempts at questioning the Senator who is now the Vice-president Kamala Harris by labelling her as hysterical.


There is no doubt that there is a double standard in the treatment of outspoken and powerful women. Successful women feel so secure about themselves that they are able to cope up well with the loss of a man especially if the man was an obstacle in her growth. However, men are constantly threatened about having the prove their masculinity and feel superior so in reality, it signifies the insecurity trait that is extremely dominant in them. Eight out of ten business women say men do not come on to them. Men like to be friends with them but do not see them as potential partners. Four out of ten women, believed that the reason is that men get scared off when they hear about their jobs and responsibilities. In other words, men immediately lose their interest when they hear about their success. A woman who learns to keep herself and her well-being over the man is threatening to a man whereas in truth, a secure woman can hold a stable home with all the love and care in the world. It’s just the pattern which needs breaking and the mindset which needs altering. Selflessness does not need to be the woman’s role in every story. Today, more girls than boys take further education. If this development continues, the man in the family will be far less successful, while the woman will hold more managerial positions or become lawyers, doctors, and business owners? The consequences will be worthwhile to watch because it will change family structures, mindsets will evolve and that is entirely necessary because it’s not just about throwing shade or proving which gender is more influential or secure. It’s about maintaining a balance, and equality prevailing.

Article by : HITI KHATWANI

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