When to stop chasing him?

If your love life is more like a ‘Devdas‘ than ‘Ye Jawani Hai Deewani’, it’s time you stop chasing him. If his proximity gives you more tears than when you peel a 100 layer onion, you should probably put him on the cutting board and slice him up. (pun intended)

Woman have been forever taught to hold on to a relationship to make it work irrespective of the fact that it destroys their mental peace. Mixed signals by boys means he is into you has always been fed to the teenage girls and crappy Bollywood movies. If he is rude to you, its probably because he likes you. Nice way to boost up your self-esteem, eh?

Here’s the truth ladies, If he ignores you, shouts at you, and doesn’t pay any attention its probably because he is NOT INTERESTED! Stop giving yourself a reason to save his life and make him a “Good Boy” that’s not your responsibility.

Thanks to our evergreen Bollywood movies where a good, naïve girl falls in love with a bad short tempered guy and voila! He transforms into this amazing character of Alok Nath, full of Sanskaar! Sorry, to disappoint you ladies but it just happens in movies, because only that makes Karan Johar the billionaire that he is.

Here are 4 signs when you should gather up the courage and stop chasing him because he isn’t worth it –

1. He is too Secretive

He doesn’t tell you where he is going? Or who he is talking to? Gets mad when you touch his phone or his laptop? Goes to the other room when gets a call? Well, that’s probably because he is doing something that he needs to hide! Either he is a RAW agent, or he is cheating on you. And if that’s the thing, Babe, you should just go and hide yourself because you ain’t need a man like that in your house forget your life.

2. He doesn’t give you time

The most valuable gift anyone can give you is probably a big diamond solitaire , but something as valuable is his time. If your man doesn’t have the time for you, you shouldn’t have time for him either. Don’t invest your time and energy into a man who keeps you wondering when will you see him next.

3. Gets angry at small things

Ladies, please get this thing straight in your mind. Violence is not an act of love! If he is angry with you, doesn’t mean he loves you! If he hits you, doesn’t mean he cares for you. It simply means he is a psychopath and you should put him behind the bars and dump him!

4. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or family

Baby, I want to keep it lowkey. Let’s just keep it between us? Rings a bell? If, it does its time to leave this person because he is afraid of commitment and won’t own up to you in public. Do you really want to play that dual life?

Ladies, you need a man who values the beautiful being that you are and owns up to you! Don’t fall into the trap of just being with someone because you are lonely. You’re more than that. Value yourself, only then someone will value you. Don’t settle for less.