Crowd phobia

Lots of people hopping around, enjoying themselves, discussing all fun topics – is a scene of a horror film for you if you happen to be an introvert.

‘Let’s Hangout!’ is a knell

People hitting on you and trying to make plans is as good as someone breaching your inner circle.

Small talks are not for you

‘Hey, how are you? Where have you been lately?’ sounds absolutely un invited for in your case. You are more of a smile and bye kind of a person.

‘Lone time’ is as good as a party

After a complete day of people locked surroundings, spending a lone time can be real fulfilling for you. And in your case inner circle means only YOU.

Pick up lines can only be there in your head

It could be a real hustle when you find someone cute and you try to hit on them. Because suddenly you realize that you don’t have words in your vocabulary!

Flirt freezing

Situation becomes more funny and awkward when someone else tries to flirt with you. Rather than being a sport and play along, you just freeze out!

‘Zone out’ is your fav pastime of gathering

Most you introverts, have a self-entertainment mechanism. Wherein you just zone out while sitting in a gathering. Fix a smiling un-answering expression on your face and go in your own la la land.

Digital space conversation is more like a window shopping

Social media might be a big space to socialize and find new friends. But for you, its only a place to analyze people whom you would never want to meet in real life.  

Relationships are about presumptions than conversation

Its real tough for an introvert to maintain a flowy conversations when they are in a relationship. You just try to speculate, analyze your partner and presume things. Confrontation can’t ever be an option for you.

Socializing is as exhausting as Zumba without music

After a complete session of socializing or group task wherein you were to talk to a lot of people, you feel exhausted and search for a nourishing lone time.

You have poker face and people mistake you for being rude

Most of the times, while commuting or at work, you keep a zero expression poker face. This is a defense mechanism for an uncalled-for conversation. And mostly people consider you rude or arrogant.

You’re psychologically a step away from being a hermit

A weird though usually comes in your head that you might become a hermit, detached from all worldly attachments.

Flying solo! Is no more a slang for you

People might taunt you for flying solo since you are hardly interested in someone else. But you’re OK with it since you know what you want.

Night stays can be terrifying as hell

Visitors coming over is bearable for you, but the problem starts when they plan to stay over. This means no time for your lone self, that could be real terrifying for you.

You’re a pro in cancelling plans

All your creativity comes to action when you need to cancel some plan of outing or party.