When you’re planning to go on a long run with him, there are few more things which are more important than love for your relationship. In order to a maintain a hygienic, long lasting bonding, there has to be some unexplained dos and dont’s for the couple. Well majority of us don’t think about the rationale side of the emotional bonding. But a bit of this rationale cognition can really save your relationships when it would through toss and turns.

We are here with 17 points which as emotional turn offs for you man & can help you out in being a bit cautious when you’re intentionally or unintentionally doing it:

  1. Over possessiveness
  2. Asking password
  3. Being spent thrift on your man’s money
  4. Raiding personal space or ‘HE’ time
  5. Sexually cold or too shy
  6. Anger or rage is not sexy
  7. Emotionally stunned mess
  8. Immaturity. If you throw tantrums to get something and act like a douche-bag!
  9. No social skills. When you go out and talk to people but don’t have skills to have smooth conversation.
  10. Negativity. No one wants to be around a miserable person, if you are constantly negative and crapping one – mend it!
  1. Desperation. No one entertains a desperate person not even another desperate person.
  2. Instability. This trait is not a person’s fault – it can happen and can’t be predicted
  3. Insecurity. Everyone is insecure to a point, if you act it out – that’s keeping you single.
  4. Overbearing behavior. A hyper dominant person is not charismatic.
  5. Hyper-sexuality. Trim it down a bit
  6. Egoism. If you consider yourself superior than him & show that to him.
  7. Nothingness. Lack of any kind of motivation