Long gone are the days, when it was on the homemaker to decorate the house and look over its arrangements. In the present day and age when everyone is equally busy, involved & outdoor, its the need of the hour for each and every family member to take proper care of the house settings.

Currently when the house parties are trending high, people are just wooed by the way some people decorate their home. Well, its not the just the game of furniture & showpieces. It’s actually a separate sense of understanding for the space, consideration of the choices and liking of the people living in and most importantly the eagerness & willingness to make the place you are living a perfect, comfortable & presentable spot.

What could be a better time than Diwali period to give you top 20 rules for decorating, recreating & refurnishing your place – yourself. So, when your Diwali guests & friends stop by, they’ll get to see a totally newer version of your personal favorite spot of the world – HOME SWEET HOME!

Make sure your interior is not taking over the main agenda of having a home – COMFORT & SECURITY!

Room height shelves are no more ‘grandpa’ style

Caption your furniture with a rug or a carpet to make them look neater and gathered

Don’t ignore the small spaces like gallery, corners or window sides.

Vintage articles are not always meant for the closed cupboards.

Metal play can surpass being just a music form for your house. Invest in steel lamps & showpieces.

Don’t blind the rooms – use the sunlight to its max

Don’t always need a duly painted or textured wall – curtains can do the job

Modern & traditional can go together

RULE #10
Wall painting doesn’t necessarily mean a ‘painting on the wall’

RULE #11
Don’t have a showpiece – PLANT IT OUT

RULE #12
Textures, fabrics & colors can be mixed together aesthetically

RULE #13
Monotones are so yesterday – CONTRAST is the new cool

RULE #14
Declutter – give away the unused, dumped articles. Don’t get attached to old junk!

RULE #15
Never overfill the tables for the sake of decoration – lesser is always better & comfortable!

RULE #16
Do selective lighting – don’t make your house a chandelier

RULE #17
Lighter tone & lesser textures for the bedrooms

RULE #18
Let the mirror do the magic for the smaller areas to make them look spacious

RULE #19
Let the house breathe – always leave moving spaces between arrangements

RULE #20
Very wisely choose the planting arrangements – make sure they are getting the apt amount of sunlight ad fresh air