House parties can be as exciting as the one we see in Bollywood movies or as boring as a typical uncle-aunt party at a relative place, which you dread going! You can either be a perfect fun host like Alia Bhatt in ‘Kapoor and Sons’ or a terrible one like Sharma Uncle in your neighbourhood. Through this article we will help you to be more like the fun host Alia Bhatt and less like oh-so-boring-host Sharma Ji. 

Here are some ways in which you can be the perfect host –

The Don’ts

Don’t be clingy! Please. No one likes interference in one’s life. For starters – Don’t ask questions like when are you going to get married? Why do you look like a hanger or a whale? Honestly, it is none of your business. So, keep distance.

Don’t be extra loud! It’s fun to be happy and chirpy but annoyingly excited and loud for no reason at all, No! Everyone likes the warm Amitabh Bachan, but not an overly dramatic Govinda.

The Dos –

Be warm and affectionate. Note: There’s a difference between being warm and touchy. There’s a very thing line don’t cross it.

Organise fun games! Get rid of the basic Ludo, and UNO games, instead here are some games to consider for your next house party!


What are parties without alcohol and a good game of ping pong?! In this game, all you have to do is lay a couple of glasses on the opposite sides of the table with a drink in it! Underneath the glass, place a card with a dare written on it. If the person from the opposite end is successful in throwing the ball in one of the cups, you have the choice to either do the dare that is written underneath it, or drink the entire game! Both the cases are fun! Either you will end up winning, or being extremely drunk! Win Win Situation!


Talking about Games and Drinking, Straight Face had to be on the list. The game is exactly as it sounds, the only thing that is different is that you won’t leave the game with a straight face for sure. So, what you have to do in this game is simple, you are already drunk. 1st step achieved. Now, right some funny inappropriate sentences, dialogues on chits. Fold up the chits and place them in a bowl. Voila! The game is ready! Read up the sentences while the others have to have a straight face and not laugh. In case he or she laughs they lose the game.

In case you don’t drink you can replace the being drunk part by helium balloons. As they thin up your voice, it usually cracks up the people and they burst out into a fit of laughter.


Thanks to Ellen Degeneres for introducing us to this fun game.  Ellen is literally ‘The Generous’ when it comes to fun and games. This game is perfect for a house party as it doesn’t require a lot of movement. For all the lazy bums out there this is the perfect game for you! Just place a placard or even your mobile (Thanks Google play for the app) on your forehead, let the other person act the word out for you and you guess! Once you guess it right, you move on to the next one, or you can even pass.


If you’re planning for a game that makes you laugh and have a good weekend this is the perfect game for you.  The game consists of 10 mouth openers that the participants have to place in their mouth, that image itself is funnier than the game. They have to later read out a sentence or a word while having that mouth opener on, while the other person has to guess it. Trust me there will come a time when you literally roll on the floor laughing.


If you are the kind that likes attention and concentration, Jenga is the game for you. Bascially, you build up a tower using the puzzle pieces, and later you have to remove one part each, making sure that the tower that you had built doesn’t fall. In case it falls, you lose and have to re built the entire tower again! It requires a lot of attention and concentration, a slightest mistake and your entire tower can fall!


Sing it off with Karaoke – No matter if you’re an Indian idol when it comes to signing, or a proud bathroom signer like me, you’d love this game! We all love humming to our favourite songs, most of us have always dreamt of having our own personal rock band, now you can do it all with this perfectly-tuned games! You can be the next nightingale Lata Mangeshkar, or Dhinchak Pooja, in both the cases it isn’t your loss!


Never Have I Ever – I know it has been done to death, and there’s nothing new, but trust me if you want to know more about a person and your group of friends, this is the perfect game for you. You can extract their deep dark secrets through this game. Bwahaha*evil laugh* the rules are simple – One person says a situation, if the others have been part of a similar situation they say they have and if they haven’t, then they say they haven’t. No brainer. To make it more fun you can add a couple of drinks, and you did the situation drinks the cup and who hasn’t doesn’t drink it. Also, it will give you this Ye Jawani hai Deewani feels.

These are some of the best and new house party games that you can arrange for the next time to jazz up your party and make sure that your guests have a blast, and while they do, you silently grab the title of the perfect host just like Monica from Friends!