New year, new beginning, new resolutions and new challenges. Every year brings a completely new slate for us to undo our errors, try out new things and start a new self. In the starting of every year, we sit back and become skeptical about our past life.

We try to make some to-do lists which would accommodate our better self. A list which would be like a hope for our foreseeable future. A list where we can feel accomplished of getting another chance of doing something that we’ve planned for.

Each new year gives us chance to keenly analyze our dreams, our aspirations, long- and short-term goals, our shortcomings, our issues. And a chance to craft our life the way we want it to be.

Among all these ups and downs, we tend to become a bit tough on our own self. Here are few tips for your selfcare:   

Being selfish is OK

At times we think too much about being a certain way or behave in a certain manner to fit into the mold of ‘right’. Doing this we somehow become drained of our true self. Our true self that continuously fights with our aspiring new self. Idea is to become selfish at times. Well, it might sound shallow to some. But in certain situations, while finding grip our life we tend to lose our sanity.

If you like getting drunk at weekend and it gives to peace for rest of the week – do it! If going to a musical concert provides to energy for next financial year – do it! If blocking your ex from all the social media platforms give you the feeling of contentedness – do it! Its really important for all of us to not loose who we are in the war of becoming who we can we.   


Year 2020 has taught us enough about empathy, care, social responsibilities, family etc. So, let’s not wait for another pandemic to hit us to care for our loved ones. This should be a regular activity. Even when we’ll resume your normal lifestyle and schedule, give time to family and parents. Give your attention towards what’s happening around you. Give time to think about the welfare of climate and society. Give your concern to the people who need you. When you go back to life which you make you earn – don’t forget to give!

Put limits to your desire

Yes, growth is an endless process but desiring isn’t. While we set our goals (personal or professional) we always aspire to have a ‘perfect’ life. The perfect job, perfect life partner, perfect house, etc. and we keep striving to achieve that throughout out life. So, while making resolutions and life plans, sit back and think. What’s the limit? Happiness is attached to achievement, while is peace is attached to accomplishment. Success could be never ending journey as we keep pushing our goals. But in order to celebrate & feel success we need to setup our limits. Limit for enjoyment, limit for desires, limit for monetary chase, limit for competition!   

One day at a time

Coming out of time where we didn’t know what was coming our way the very next day, we’ve succeeded in living in the present. That’s the whole funda of life – unwrapping each day like a gift! Whatever was planned for 2020 didn’t end up the way that we’ve planned it to. All the long-term plans are subject to uncertainties. That doesn’t mean you need not to have one. Its crucial to have a direction but your life & happiness should not depend on it.

Letting go is possible

Life teaches us all to let things go! Failure teaches us to let go the fact that we’ve worked so hard for something that we didn’t achieve. Success teaches us to let go the fear that we’ve had while we were trying. Breakup teaches us to let go our feelings for the person with whom we’ve planned our whole life. Love teaches us to let go the feeling of being selfish with the person we claim to love. Stagnation creates confusion, life is meant to live in a flow.