With so many what’s in my bag videos now you must be aware of what are the things that you must carry in your Bag. But do you know the makeup essentials to carry with you? Makeup can make you go from blah to glam in just a matter of a few minutes.

Imagine you are in a grocery store and your neighbourhood sweetheart is just in another row, and you like your usual self are in your track pants! Probably you have dreamt of walking the aisle with him in the near future, but what about this present situation? Like Right now? What are you gonna do? Are you gonna be the damsel in the distress or own the situation? You my darling, are gonna grab a lipstick from your bag, and apply it on your lips and cheeks and let open your hair, and walk towards his row pretending you didn’t even look at him and BAM! The next thing you know is that you are the mother of his kids.

Too much right? :p

Well, it can be true, If you had your saviour lipstick with you in your bag.

Here’s a list of makeup products you must carry with yourself to make that dream of yours come true!

1.    Lipstick

Always carry a lipstick with you! Swear by this product, it will not only help you get the extra colour but will also act as a 3 in product! Blush, Eye Shadow, and Lipstick of course. Keep a dark shade, as you can always lighten it up.

2.    Mascara

You want to him to drown in your eyes no? Then Mascara is the most necessary thing to be in your bag! That extra lift in your lashes won’t only extenuate your long lashes, but will also be a road map to your success.

3.    Concealer

See, we all know you are FLAWLESS girl, but a Lil concealer on your bad days won’t do any harm, just to cover up some of the blemishes. Also, the right shade of concealer can also be used as a highlighter just in case.  And you’ll be the Greek goddess walking the road like it’s your runaway, hair flying and you holding your skirt like Marilyn Monroe.

4.    Brow Pencil

Bro, your eyebrows can either make or break your game! Do you want to be caught in a situation where your eyebrows look like those birds that we used to draw when we were in kindergarten? No, right? To save yourself the embarrassment just keep a brow pencil handy.

5.    Perfume

I don’t know if this counts as a makeup product or not, but please carry a perfume with you in all situations because a good smell is the most attractive thing. You don’t want to smell like onions no? Carry a small travel size perfume always in your bag! Also, a mouth freshener, you never know when you might need it.