Have a Date Night? A casual brunch with friends? Are you in a party mood, with loud jarring music? Or do you have to dress up formally for a meeting?

No matter what the occasion is you can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress. LBD is an essential piece of clothing in every girl’s wardrobe!

Dress it up or dress it down according to your mood! Here are 5 ways in which you can wear your LBD!!!


Today is the day you want to look your best! Your go to friend would be red lipstick and high heels to flaunt your legs.

Put on a pair of earrings, a bracelet/watch and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to carry a small clutch, to put in your essentials and a mouth freshener? You never know when you might need it.


Blazer it up, my girl! You don’t want to bling it up for a formal wear, just a dash of makeup to give yourself a fresh look with a nude lipstick and heels would complete your girl boss look.

Effortless yet powerful


Are you feeling lazy, but want to look presentable without putting in absolute no effort? Just put your LBD on with a pair of white sneakers, put your hair up in a bun and hide those dark circles with a pair of cool sunglasses!

Eh, Simple right?


Extenuate your waist and add a statement to your dress by pairing it up with a good belt.

Not only will it flaunt your waist bust also add that extra look with the most minimal effort.

You can also layer it up with a casual denim jacket


You can go all crazy with the party look. Glam it up by doing smokey eyes, dark lipstick, and a messy hair because anyway, you’ll be dancing all night. Put on a pair of heels and complete your look. If you want to experiment and add a lil color don’t be afraid to so, a pop of color in your shoes or accessories.