6 most underrated decorative items

Home decoration is one of the unending processes of our life. We think about everything that’s available in the market to increase the aesthetics of our place. But yet we never get satisfied by where we are living. The curtains are not matching the sofa, dining table should’ve been a bit bigger, walls are not going well with the bed color and what not!

Apart from this constant dissatisfaction, there’s huge amount of our earnings that get’s burned in this never ending chase. The home decor shops are totally burdened with newly available decorative pieces. But if we look closely to our surrounding and so called ‘junk’ of our home, we’ll get the most classy decorative items and ideas.

Here we are with 6 most underrated decorative items which would not only enhance the aesthetics of your place, but would also suit your budget:


  • We always have that one member in our family who loves to hoard the books. But we always limit that to the room shelves and then to some dungeon trunk. Book shelves in living room or rather at any place of the house would give an extra intellectual edge to the surrounding.


Though we all get nostalgic while seeing old pictures in the photo albums or our granny’s wall but with increasing digitization, this feel is slowly withering off. What would happen to these sentimental old repertoire of emotions when we would become grandparents? We would hardly have any pictures to share. Photo frames would not only enhance the aesthetics but would also enhance the emotional value of your house.


Beetles, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd sounds quite hep and interesting but what about the acoustic guitars & cellos? Well they’re equally fun too! Whether its old time jukeboxes or radio sets, all would make a presentable showpiece for your home decor. No need to put the old music pieces in junk, clean them, finetune them and flaunt them!


Oxygen, positivity, soothing ambiance are certain common benefits of having plants in your lawn as well as inside the house. In this age and time where everyone is steadily realizing and absorbing the ever present benefits of nature, its really a high time bring these life savers inside your living space. Though pant decoration has always been there in trend since the time home decor found its existence, yet we always try to shy away from having them. At times it happens for the sake of maintenance, lack of 100% indoor plants, easy place for mosquitoes and what not! But when something is giving you other lifesaving benefits and an eye soothing vision, its worth the effort!


“What would you possibly do with a hammock at your home? Ain’t you have beach resort..” There has always been a close association of hammock and beach due to the atmosphere, easy implantation & away from sand feature. But there’s nowhere written that we cannot have them at our home. Though having wide open space is one of the prerequisite for having one, but incase you want to give your house a chilled out outlook – Hammock is the next thing!


Whenever we visit any trade-show or exhibition, jute items always attract our attention. But we never emphasize on buying such items due to lack of daily utility. But the fact is, we fail to understand the exact use of jute or bamboo items in home. More than decoration, they add on to enhance the aura and bring in positivity and good-luck. Nothing feng shui its majorly because of the low conductivity and moderating the moisture retention in atmosphere. Which is why it not only brings in aesthetic benefits, it also acts as an air purifier for your house!