Admit it or not but being a head turner is every woman’s dream! Though the essence is always self-love, but still there’s a very important quotient of approval and acknowledgement which brings in that extra ego boost. There’s nothing wrong to aspire for attention and appreciation, it only creates a fuss once goes uncontrolled – and ladies, excess of everything is always bad!

Since the time we female realize that we need to do our best in order to stay in the top charts of the people around us, we start this self-evaluation of our dos and don’ts. Don’t worry- we will help you out with top 7 things that we ladies end up presuming about the guy’s liking. Apparently, every man’s choice is almost different (leaving aside few of the must haves), but these are few of the generic things that most the men would agree for!


No offense to all the gym freak women out there who try out every exercise form to tone their bodies. But majority of males do not really appreciate the chiseled, hard toned body with 8 pack abs carved out! Well guys do acknowledge the ‘healthy’ females with well intact BMI & weight, but when that becomes a chase for the packs, abs & muscle – it’s a big TURN OFF! So ladies do take good care of your curves, healthy bottoms & cushiony torso, don’t kill yourself in gym for the sake of attracting males – because they’re going to look for your feminity more than the muscles!  


In this era of makeup blogger & influencers soring all over the internet, its really hard to believe that this doesn’t help lure your guy. Well as a general statement, guys do have an inclination towards beautiful women which in itself is quite subjective. Fair, dark, thin, thick, short, tall can be the physical parameters for male, but there is once constant which is a big NO to anything too artificial. Don’t mistake me with grooming, as most of the skin & self-care routine comes in grooming. Be it regular waxing, threading, hair care, pedicure & manicure, facial etc, it’s all the requirements for a healthy, glowing & groomed female body. But bringing in too much overdone makeup can certainly make you look flawless in selfies, make you the party focus but won’t interest your man much. Majority of males do not like girls with heavy, doey makeup for a longer run. Its really ok when we are talking about date nights, hanging out or mutual parties, but when they decide to keep you for longer role, you need to control your foundation-concealer-highlighter love!     


Well, it’s a natural human tendency to look for affection, care & love in life. Men have a real special inclination towards consideration & heed. But gurl, he doesn’t need another MOM in you. In the initial stages of our relationship we get accustomed to show extra care and affection to our men, but over a period of time men get cluttered by it. Which is where that statement sweeps in “Honey – You’ve changed a lot!”. Darling, it’s not him who has changed, he has just become too much bored by the clingy ‘mothering’. It’s nothing wrong in showing attention & concern, but just keep it a low key & mild once your relationship picks up the pace. Don’t make him feel stuck in your parenting web, let him be the way he is – passively taking care!   


“Why are you talking to me. go and talk to that bit**!!” is the ever-used statement of women when they feel jealous. This might sound cute to your guy, but eventually his reaction to this won’t remain “Aww… so cute”. Guys generally feel wanted when they see their girl feeling grudged of them talking to other females, but as the time passes & reality strikes the life – it becomes hard for them to cope. Practically its almost impossible for a female not to become a green-eyed monster while seeing her man flirting with some other female. But at times the situation requires a 360-degree view and most importantly – patience!


There’s some serious issue in the female projections in Bollywood romantic movies. Heroine is always so incapable of handling her own issues that she always seeks for a helping hand. And woosh…. A tall, dark, hard, handsome, strong hero comes for the rescue! Solves all her issues, gives her a tough shoulder to cry upon, sings songs for her, cooks, and they live heavily ever after! I am really? Is this for real? Well it might sound quite comforting to the ladies, but such kind of situation never happens in real life. Most of the guys HATE always crying, weak, troublesome females, who cannot take proper care of themselves, Guys appreciate girls who can take control of their own life and a support for them. Not to act like a clingy pug wanting never ending attention & care.


‘Baby’, ‘shona’, ‘babu’, ‘honey’, ‘sweetypie’, ‘cupcake’… might make him talk you to sleep in the starting of your relationship but trust me, it’s going to backfire really hard and strong in the coming future. Men don’t like girls with too much of kiddish attitude specially the voice. Majority of women think that when you talk like a baby, it would turn him ON, but the truth is, it irritates him in the longer run. They feel its not cute at all, rather its quite annoying when a grown female talks in a fake baby sound. So now when next time you plan to lure him with your silly kid tone – GROW UP & STOP!


  Falling in love is really beautiful and serene. Making him the most important part of your life is still acceptable. But the problem starts when you make him everything you can ever think of! There’s nothing wrong in giving your man the due that he deserves, but no one in the world can be perfect enough to bear the burden of round the clock expectations. And guess what – they end up messing up! Guys are bad in maintaining the pace of attention and affection in life & a lot of factors come into play and change their attitude towards you. That’s the point where you need to understand that its not because he has stopped loving you, its just because loving you is not all he can do!