There won’t be anything new if we say that breakfast is the most essential meal of the entire day. But what to do – It actually is! If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, want to balance your BMI, need to reduce weight, you can’t really afford to skip breakfast.

The only problem is, what to choose for breakfast? We as Indians are accustomed to have our regional delicacies as the first meal of the day, we cant even think beyond flat bread or aloo ka paratha. But if we consider cuisines on a universal level, there are a lot of options available which are not only healthy but are also quite beautiful on our taste pallet.

We are here with 7 such healthy breakfast options, which would help you have a happy and contained day ahead :

1. Scrambled egg, bacon & multigrain flat bread

There’s nothing better than egg to have in the morning. It’s a complete diet of good amount of protein & healthy carbohydrate. Scrambled eggs not only adds on to the protein quotient of your breakfast, but would also make it fuller. Bacon adds on to the flavor and acts as a mood enhancer. Multi grain flat bread would fulfill the fiber content on the meal and would also acts as the base flavor.

2. Poached eggs & avocado toast

If you want to loose weight and maintain the BMI of your body, this is the best option to have. Poaching of egg would give away that extra usage of oil or butter and would act as a healthy option for the morning. Avocado is a magical fruit with plenty of health benefits. Its rich in antioxidants and give you good energy throughout the day.

3. Banana, strawberry & pineapple smoothie

Running late for work.. don’t have time to cook a full breakfast.. this is the best and fuller option for your day starter. Just grab some fruits from the basket & blend them nicely with toned milk & cream. It is loaded with the goodness Vitamin C (berry & pineapple) and is loaded with energy to keep you active throughout the day.

4. Egg. avocado, pancake, veggie & almonds bowl

Having discussed the benefits of eggs & avocado, this combination is both your taste buds and good health. Just toss in some veggies which would give a freshness for the day. To add on to the taste glamour, pancakes on the side, which would give a treat to your taste buds as well. This has a extra pinch of few almonds which would give the essential amino acids & give a pause to your aging!

5. Idli-Sambar treat

Nothing fancy but a full reservoir of carbohydrate, vitamins, protein and taste. You nae the ingredient and its there in this dish. It can be had at any hour of the day, but having one in the morning has an extra edge. For the ones who want to loose weight, its a true heaven. Low in fat, high in fiber & protein.

6. Oatmeal & berry

Tiered of having cornflakes and need some fuller variant for it? Oatmeal is the option. Rich in antioxidants, roughage, vitamins & low in cholesterol. When coupled with any berry, gives you a bowl full of taste and health. No need to add extra sweetener as the berries would take care of it! Put some warm or cold milk and you’re good to go!

7. Mushroom, tofu & veggie spaghetti

This is the perfect breakfast when you’re planning to go creative on the weekends. Health experts say that there should be no ‘cheat day’ when it comes to health. But how to stop that junk food craving! The best option is to make your nutritious meal tempting. Mushrooms would give you the influx of selenium & keep your immune system strong. Tofu has high content of protein & fiber and would thus keep your cholesterol & fat levels low. To tempt your taste-buds, toss in some spaghetti & have it with a glass of red wine!