“If it could only be like this always—always summer, always alone, the fruit always ripe.”

Evelyn Waugh

There are some of us who live their life under same sun and heat, but they somehow manage to have a flawless, patchless skin throughout the year. It must be in their genes! Well actually not really. They just know the right tricks and tips to lure their skin round the calendar. Summer is the expert season to tax your skin and body minerals, both of which reflects well on your face.

Thus, as far as skincare is concerned, its equally crucial to have a parallelly healthy lifestyle as well. But we can’t deny the fact that skincare products, routine, masks, creams do play a vital role when it come to managing our skin and maintaining its glow. As we all are well aware that summer brings heat, humidity, dehydration and bombardment of UV radiations for your skin.

Thus, it becomes very important to take care of the nourishment as well as protection of the skin. There we are with top 4 tips for you to flay the summer slay! 


MUD PACKS – Beat the summer heat

Mud packs & clay baths might sound quite exquisite and modern in present day and age. But its utilitarian features were explored 100s of years before by the Egyptians and Indians. Where our ancestors used special concoction of clay, fruit extracts and oils for the skin. Before soaps and bodywashes came into existence, mud was the only best body care product humans used. Mud has a lot of medicinal, biochemical and organic properties that makes our skin subtle and rejuvenated.

And for those who have oily or combination skin, it’s the ultimate savior for you in the summery heat. Apart from this, it also detoxifies our skin by absorbing the deposited chemicals and toxins in the pores that we can’t get rid off by just face washes or cleansers. The most widely used clay is the Fuller’s earth which is a combination of hydrous aluminium silicates, montmorillonite, kaolinite and attapulgite.

These ingredients make the best combination to give our skin a soothing and oil free glow. It deals with pimples, dark spots and patchy skin. So next time you’re planning to make a homemade pack this summer, pickup some Fuller’s earth and just mix it with rose water & essential oil – you’ve got the magical concoction for a healthy skin!


JADE ROLLER – Beat the summer heat

This era has marked resurgence of a lot of beauty and body care products. This Chinese method of making the skin wrinkle free is hugely trending these days. Jade rollers picked up the popularity more than the actual rollers that used quartz and other expensive gen stones is because of its cheap price. Jade roller is designed and intents to tone the facial muscles to make them look naturally lifted, healthy and young. The whole concept of this product is to clean the clogged pores, sooth the facial muscle and make it look contours without putting up makeup products. Summer season brings in that internal urge of putting up the least amount of makeup. It could be to avoid the sweat smudging or skin clogging. But the basic idea is to put up the least number of cosmetic products on face. Thus, jade roller can help you create a contoured face without doing the concealer-highlighter drill!   


SHEET MASK – Beat the summer heat

Its very crucial to listen to your skin, and it would tell you the best kind of face mask for you. But there are some generalised, work-for-all products that rarely go wrong. One of those products is – a sheet mask!

Teenage chunk is picking up the sheet mask trend really fast. Since the time celebrities became the protagonists for trends, youth has got the easiest way to roll through. But sheet masks have a lot of skin care benefits apart from being just another rolling trend.

Specially in hot weather when our skin tends to loosen a lot of moisture, sheet mask can give you a considerable dose of hydration, glow and nourishment. Summers can also make your skin flaky and torn up which can be fixed by using a loaded serum sheet mask. Heat might take away the natural glow since we actively try to use oil reducing products during summers. But the trick is to give your skin just the right amount of oil as well. This ads on to the natural glow and would make the skin naturally blingy.

So when you see Alia Bhatt flaunting a chic sheet mask in her Insta story, don’t ‘huh’ it – it really works!


SCRUB – Beat the summer heat

We all are accustomed of scrubbing the face for getting rid of dead skin and opening up the clogged pores. But our body needs equal amount of scrubbing for a varied number of reasons. Scrubbing reduces and evens the cellulite of the body. This is quite crucial as you don’t want to spoil the vision of your summer chiselled thighs while wearing your favourite shorts.

This also gives your body skin a better texture by scrubbing off the unwanted dead skin which helps the moisture and oils to seep in much easily. Unattended body skin may cause patches and dark areas, especially in underarms and inner thighs. Using an appropriate body scrub brightens the imposed areas and makes them visibly healthier. More than physical benefits, body scrubbing instantly uplifts your mood.

This is because of the feeling of getting rid of few grams of unwanted, dead & irritating body deposits. Thus, its very crucial to get your body its due before stepping out for your beachy summer vacation!