The latest style cracker making its position in the celebrity street & airport looks. Boiler suits are the current obsession and have been there on the fashion charts in last couple of seasons. Not that it’s the first time we’re getting to see it in top revered silhouettes, but this season the designers have experimented a lot with respect to the fabric, fitting, cuts and accessorizing. This is a small guide which would tell you all about the boiler suits right from its advent to the styling tips!


This comfort dressing’s advent roots deep to the time of second world war where not only soldiers but all the workmen wore it for its comfort and utility. Reason for it being a specially admired minion dress is the fact that it makes one cover his/ her whole body which it quite useful in labor-oriented jobs.  


Fashion fetish percentage has a separate inclination towards boiler suits for the reason of it being a highly comfortable. Just imagine you don’t need to fidget right in the morning about coupling a bottom and a top! Paradise – right? Well when it comes to the boiler or even jumpsuits, it is a complete DRESS. All in one attire. You just need to accessories it a bit and hit the streets.  


We all go through a lot when we start to think about the silhouette which complements our body type. You just need to keep our eyes open while choosing you kind of boiler suit. For all you curvy women – go for a waist belt with your boiler baby. Likewise, for the ones with leaner body structure – go for a much loosely fitted suit to complement your leaner build.


Gurl, you can literally play with fashion accessories when you’re building up your ensemble with this comfy suit. Some of the ways to style it are there next!

  • It would love your heel as you do!

Trust me! The boiler suit would go its best with your pumps and closed toe heels and would even enhance your posture and structure. You can convert your fav lounge boiler suit to a party go getter by just adding on your fav pair of heels.

  • Show it off with your bralette!

We all get super confused when we decide to wear our heavily priced, super feminine bralette. Can’t wear with shirts – would look quite too slutty! Can’t go with jackets – would look very awkward! So now it’s the time perfect time and attire for your chic laced bralette. Pair them with your from zipped boiler suit and enjoy the fun of showing off!

  • Go blind with your jewelry!

You can literally go gaga and blind while choosing your matching jewelry with this comfort suit. Neck chains – IN, chokers – IN, bracelets – IN, danglers – IN. You can even go for a no accessory look with this one. It would still look complete.