Cloe Wilder Is Not Your Typical 14-Year-Old Indie Pop Star. Get Used to Her!

Cloe Wilder Is Not Your Typical 14-Year-Old Indie Pop Star. Get Used to Her!

By Vanetya Jaiswal, POPP DAPP

“I WANNA BE ALONE WITH YOU” Artist Cloe Wilder has delivered her album early this year and in October, she will be delivering another track from the collection “In the Next Life”. She’s a hopeless romantic teen and her verses show the same. For quite a while, I’ve heard the name Cloe Wilder humming around; all things considered as well, as she is certainly somebody to look out for. Cloe Wilder is quickly establishing herself as a singer/songwriter to watch, curating personal lyricism that feels incredibly relatable.

Coming from Clearwater, Florida to Los Angeles this 14year old young lady has set her imprint. Cloe is incredibly sure about herself, and her verses show it. Though she’s still striving hard for fame but the sky is the limit for her and become someone she deserves to be. Her motivations are Lana Del Ray and Phoebe Bridgers. 

Her sister acquainted her with music, and it was the tune from Lana Dey Ray, the two of them have listened to the song that entire evening and sometime thereafter she began doing covers of various artists. Halsey, Lana Dey Ray, Billie Eilish, and Sasha Sloan are her go-to artist.

What I love most with regards to Cloe’s artistry is her raw talent. It’s inconceivable for you to reject that she has the ability, and this is put on full showcase during this whole piece. She is proudly herself and her voice and style address that inside-out. Everybody associated with this one ought to be tremendously pleased. As they are exhibiting this up and comer in the most perfect light conceivable.