Whoever said Makeup is a girl’s best friend wasn’t wrong. From hiding your bulging dark circles to giving you a runway look, makeup has mostly been on the priority list of girls of all age groups. 10-40, you’ll always find a mirror in a girl’s bag. From plastic pink Barbie hand mirror to Dior Compact one, in all these times only the size has changed

When it comes to fashion and beauty industry, the start of another calendar year entails a wardrobe revamp and update of cosmetics haul. As, Spring 2019 runway shows closed in fashion capitals, trends that dominated hinted at the shape of things that were about to come in the light. There were also some innovations in makeup and skincare that caught traction towards year’s end, in the beauty genre.

Talking about Makeup lets focus on some of the 2020 Makeup and Fashion Trends that rules the beauty industry.


Smokey eyes is still ruling the vogue, it never goes out of trend. A dramatic shade of grey and black can perfect your evening look. With the conjectures that surrounded the smoky eye of being an evening look, was discarded by many fashion critics and is followed to be a daytime version of makeup.

2020 is all about spicing things up, the new direction of makeup is au naturelle look with a little bit of drama going on.


If you are not in a mood of deep smoky eyes, and are running out of time, Scarlet lips comes to your rescue. Going with the concept of less is more, Unadorned eyes, with just a little hint of mascara and a nude shade of eyeshadow, makes scarlet lips shine out. A bright shade of red or maroon, can add to the attractiveness and is followed by most of the western celebrities like Cara Delevingne. This dual ended combo would (A) Save you the time and (B) Make you stand out just by a little effort


Just when we thought that fashion industry was over with glitter based makeup and glossy lips. Thornton model walks the London runway with glitter on her forehead and cheeks. The glitter-flecked skin is back with a bang as most of the runway models are seen supporting the look. Glitter and Shimmer is heaven sent, specially for a festive occasion


From Glitter-Flecked Skin to glossy lips the shine is back. Ta says lip gloss makes your lips glimmer, “giving your face youthful radiance.” Bonus, lip gloss and shimmery effect goes well with the natural, dewy look you’re already looking for in 2019. 

The shinier the better goes for 2020, be it in terms of lip gloss, or highlighter.


Gone are the days when thin pencil line eyebrows were in the trend. 2018 was all about big-full brows. From Deepika Padukone to Emilia Wickstead runway full feathered brows have become the center piece for fashion industry. Wide, with a gentle curve is also in trend. It’s possible and necessary to make them even more natural. In new season “virgin eyebrows” in fashion

Makeup direction for 2020 is straightforward. Achieve polished skin, well-groomed brows and punctuate the look with a glossy red lip. Runway models at Chanel wore bright red layered lipsticks with shimmer gloss, which was an emulation of sophistication and youth. Though 2018 hasn’t end yet but these are some of the major trends that have made a mark for themselves and are continuing to do so even towards the end.

Follow these Trends and watch out the space for more.