If you have been a normal consumer of health magazines, Internet or even your society aunties kitty club you’ll be aware of certain health suggestions and DIYs that have been thrown upon you to make yourself healthy. Everyone has had been a part of one of these talks! Most common of them being “Carbohydrates make you FAT! You already know you have been lied too and If you don’t today you will. This article will bust all your myths about the Food Industry, nutritionists, dieticians claims about health tips that can as a matter of fact make you very unhealthy. Here are some of them –

1.      Eating Carbs makes you FAT!

Carbohydrates are in fact one of the most important ingredients of a healthy diet. All foods have Carbs as they are an essential part of the diet. Your body needs all three components viz Proteins, Carbs, Fat to be healthy. Just in the right quantity.

Tip : Have Smart Cabs. Plenty of green vegetables, seasonal foods.

2.      Dairy Products are fattening!

Everyone might have heard this one. Avoid any form of dairy product be it milk, curd, butter and you’ll lose weight. Whereas dairy products are an important food group as it has proteins which are an essential part of the diet. Fill up on low-calorie, small serving of the same just don’t overdo it.

3.      Eat Less and You’ll be Thinner!

Not eating anything and skipping meals is not only unhealthy but it will make you eat more of the next meal that you are going to have. As your body is designed that way. Completing cutting off from food makes you weak, it might help you shed a few pounds in the short run but in the longer run when you go back to resume your normal diet, you gain twice the amount.

4.      Only eating vegetables is will make you Slim!

The most overrated and the most nonsensical myth ever. Pandas eat just bamboo sticks! And look at their round belly. Is that what you are aiming for? Not saying there is anything wrong in having a rounded belly, but this myth is downright stupid. 

5.      All Calories are the same!

This the most important myth that needs to be busted. 1000 Calories of Cookies is not similar to 1000 Calories of a full-fledged meal. As 1000 Calories of Cookies don’t cover all your nutritional needs. It will be processed sugar and gluten whereas 1000 Calorie meal would cater to all of your nutrition needs, covering proteins, carbs and fats.

It’s not about how much you eat or when you eat it is about what you eat and how much you eat. Food acts as a building block of your body. Falling prey to these health lies and false information out there would only make you unhealthier.

So, do your research and don’t consume whatever the internet gives you.

Listen to your Body!