Beauty products, cosmetic creams & even surgeries now – we are going all around the bush to get the desired skin quality, type & complexion. Cosmetic applications can be really brilliant for instant but short-term results. In order to get the long term and sustainable results on our body, skin & hair, we need to nourish it from inside. What we eat, gets on to our skin – that’s a valid truth.

But do we really take that seriously? Well – sad, but NO. running behind the right type of cosmetics, creams, makeup products would make your skin ‘look’ flawless but wouldn’t really ‘make’ it that way. It constantly requires nourishment and care from inside. Good amount of clean water, healthy diet to a bit of regular skin care routine has the potential to solve all of your skin related problems.

Here we are, with 7 effective fruits which would not only tingle your pallet – but would also add on that extra oomph to your skin.


Avocado is one of those magical fruit which solves almost all of the body issues. It reduces inflammation, has water content to hydrate skin and is rich in vitamin E that prevents wrinkles.


All the berries are rich in vitamin C which tightens up the skin & reduces aging. Berries are also loaded with antioxidants which nourishes the skin and protects it from the harmful rays of sun. they are also quite helpful in vascular constrictions and thus helps reduce blemishes and redness on face & body.


Might sound really hot, but chilies can do wonders for your attractive & healthy skin. They are rich in beta-carotene which enhances the immune system and in turn reduces pimples & dark spots on skin.


Grapes are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C that helps in skin rejuvenation & revitalization. It also protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of sun which causes skin problem like wrinkles, dark spots, open pores etc.


Not only are they rich in flavor, but also have a heavy dosage of vitamins. Green apples do great in making the skin bright and glowing. They are also helpful in generating collagen that makes the skin healthy & bacteria proof.


Lemon is most commonly used product in the homemade skincare remedies. But it is also a very important component for your skincare routine. Lemons like any other citrus fruit are rich in Vitamin C & antioxidants that makes skin glowing, neutralizes free radicals & enhances collagen production.


Pomegranate is as we all know are great for hemoglobin enhancement, which in itself is quite useful for a healthy skin & body. It also enhances keratinocyte cell production which reduces skin aging and wrinkles.