I wholeheartedly love the concept when women from this era try to recreate the best looks by taking inspiration from the past. Whether it’s 50’s, 80’s or 90’s we get to experience some unforgettable looks that emerged from being conservative to risky the fashion industry has seen it all. With a wide range from clothes to makeup, the freedom in experimenting with them is always cherished.

It’s a fact that the ’90s was an exciting period for fashion. Not only the people at that time observed the growth of technology also helped them in channelizing looks. The celebrities that the viewers were seeing in front of the TV the screen was now becoming their fashion icon.

The little black dress is our ultimate savior when we try to opt for something sexy and elegant at the same time. But this outfit in 2021, ever you guys wondered where it marked its first step? Coincidentally in the ’90s, it was a trustworthy piece of clothing that became a huge trend back then. Supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss who are still considered as the extremely prominent females in the modeling industry used to rock this dress.

Our beloved Jennifer Aniston is still remembered as Rachel Green aka the heartthrob queen who gained popularity from the 1994 comedy sitcom “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” too channelize this look. Not only this leather which stand-outs and follow all the 3S’ for being sexy, sleek, and shiny was popular during that decade. It was highly worn in the form of leather jackets, skirts, and dresses in any public appearance. Till today this piece hasn’t lost its charm. Polka Dot print was a big mark in the market. This helped Jerry Seinfeld to become an icon in men’s clothing. These prints are subtle yet creative. Remember our one of the female crushes, Julia Roberts, in Pretty Women – her dress was of polka dots and a comfortable choice.

 In the starting I wrote how it went from comfortable to risky, this shift was seen from the ’50s to ’90s. This era marked the emergence of loud prints on blazers, which can be a fun statement to retrieve. The member of the British Royal family, who is still remembered for her carefree attitude, beauty, and philanthropic nature princess Diana gave us major fashion goals, beginning from formal look through skirt-suits to sporty and athleisure look bicycle shorts. Autumn clothing like- cardigans was worn as buttoned-up with low waist jeans. Today, models like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid who are fashion inspirations of teenage girls are rocking this style.

High neck and halter tops can be a good choice for a casual date and are more inclined towards the comfort zone.  Snake print that is currently in demand back then was leopard print that can be found on any cloth. I can surely say that this piece has aged like a fine wine. Velvet is a soft and luxurious fabric to strap dress was a staple clothing in the award functions. Currently, when fancy hair clips are the hair accessories, the headbands were the style statement back then. In the starting I wrote how it went from comfortable to risky, this shift was seen from the ’50s to ’90s. The women in the ’50s were sought of felt of always in their element but in the ’90s they stand out for their creative choices.

But what about the makeup?. That was also considered as a makeup

heavy decade. Many makeup looks are still appreciated and precisely are worn out today. Like Body shimmer – Pointing attention to the bridge of the nose, underneath the eyebrows and cupid’s bow for all these areas we have face highlighter. But what about the body parts. Being shimmery was one of the adjectives in the ’90s, by this, you can apply the product in those areas where it catches the light. Currently, there are worldwide popular brands that are selling shimmery body oils and powders. Britney Spears is known to set the trend by seen using body glitters.  Retro is the best when you want to try the style like the past decade.

It’s always fun to experiment with the memory lane. The vintage charm has an essence of its own, it drives you down to memory lane making you feel nostalgic. Their signature looks are the best when you want to stand out. The 90’s retro makeup has a bunch of signature look. Starting from the eyebrows. Earlier they were quite thin in appearance. They are the easiest way when you want to try your hands on this type of makeup. Every actress used to flaunt it. When now it’s more about fuller eyebrows it was a complete opposite back then. The females used to compliment brown lip shade with their styling.

Talking about retro makeup without Bollywood would look as if something crucial is missing out. That look has its separate fan base. They had a major fan following at that period. The Indian actresses used to overline their lips a little more. Fuller lips were used to be in great demand. The winged eyeliner created beautiful cat-eye and make them more attractive. The women used to wear thick and exaggerated eyeliner that looked quite glamourous. Eyelashes are an inquisitive part that makes your eyes look bigger, prominent, and brighter. In the past they used to wore curled and long eyelashes supporting the eye make-up. An extra layer of blushes was put to put the freshness of the face. The shade of red and pink on the cheeks complete the look.

Well, I can say that when you got an invite for a retro party you can take inspiration from these looks to elevate the makeup.