The fashion universe can be broadly classified into two polarities or rather continuum with norm-core on one side and maximal-ism on the other. Norm-core where anything basic is good. Monotonic solids are good. Regular denims and solid tops are good. This is great to declutter your wardrobe and give yourself less of a consideration of choosing what to wear and what not. This expression got a great appreciation around 2012 when it was introduced. Limited amount of styling options, not very many things to hit your head on in the morning, putting self-expression on rest (unless you’re a minimalist). Since everything in this cosmos exists in pairs starting form Adam and Eve to neutrons & protons, the flip side of norm-core is maximal-ism fashion.

Fashion maximal-ism is all about more is more & the basic idea of excess. Its about piling up everything starting from colors, prints, blocking, shoes to hairdo, makeup & accessories. Putting up everything in a way to look exuberant and apart form the crowd. To start with the vast ocean on fashion maximal-ism, it ideates to the fact of free self-expression. It’s about showing your personality with a pinch of acid! Starting form Frida Kahlo to Lady Gaga, fashion & creative industry always had those percentage who were considered to be too “loud” with their personal styling or the art that they create. Not everything can be demarcated as right or wrong. And creativity can never be subjected to the scrutiny of correct and incorrect. In countries of the world where there’s freedom of expression and dressing up, maximal-ism has gone full blown. Be it the pride parades or designers doing their complete collection on maximal-ism.


The initial form of the maximal-ism is mixing the patterns and prints. The major rule while taking it the maxima-list way is to mix and do not match! Whether its mixing stripes with checks or fur with animal print – bring it all in.          


Another form of maximalism where its ok to color block bright yellow and blood red. Nobody is going to tag you as McDonalds!


It doesn’t limit itself to clothing items. Putting on not so usual accessories such as bold statement rings, bracelets or neck pieces. This would also tag you as a maxima-list. Whether its minimalist or minimalistic approach to fashion and styling, it only makes sense until it doing justice to one true self. This adds on to the confidence and comfort. It’s never always about creating or catering to self-imagery, its also about that your bare self speaks for.