Since childhood, we have been taught sustainability in our environmental studies.  To produce/consume products which are sustainable as they are environment friendly and do not degrade our earth. From not using plastic, to adopting the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle in products and now fashion, we have definitely come a rather long way.

The Noble concept of sustainable fashion  was generated in the 1980’s and 1990’s by Patagonia and ESPRIT, the objective being to control the usage of resources which would further result in the non-exploitation of the environment. The main elements towards sustainable fashion concept comprised of organic cotton, recycled and naturally processed wool.

The fashion industry is one of the most dynamic industry of today. It has become a hub for the aspiring fashion models. But the persistent need of the fashion industry adds to the frivolous need to exploit the natural resources. That’s where the importance of sustainable fashion comes in. Sustainability in Fashion doesn’t halt the process instead it, makes it easier. Sustainable fashion simply means being kind to the environment, and also to the needs of our future generation.

Fashion industry can contribute to the initiative simply by changing their production, distribution and marketing strategies. Just like H&M has setup a recycling unit that supports increased textile recycling.

Apart from the producers the consumers also have a huge responsibility towards this cause, they can help my applying normal techniques like swapping of clothes, buying second hand items, and buying and investing in products that they are sure of wearing, if it is just for a one time use then it is better to rent the garment and return it once done.

Some of the Advantages that follow by adapting the sustainable fashion techniques are as follows –

  • Lower cost of production
  • Beneficial to the environment
  • Easy to produce
  • Unleashing creativity
  • Healthy competition

Social media should be lauded for introducing the concept of sustainable fashion in a modern yet simply way. The “Do it yourself” videos aka DIY’s use simple techniques by using homemade materials and turning them into possibly anything. It just takes creativity to explore the concept.

Sustainability can be easily maintained when we talk about fashion. It can range from hair clips, to wrist bands, to the colour of your socks. It’s endless! Whether we talk about infants, kids, teenagers, adults or our grandparents. And the fashion that prevails in today’s world; the wackier, the better. 

Fashion isn’t only limited for people but also for our very own childhood dolls. That’s where the child develops a sense of fashion. That’s when I understood that Barbie can pull of just anything. It can be a fairy tale gown, a swim suit or a normal pair of jeans. Now, how to develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment and also manage to look fashionable?

Here are some tips that you can follow and start your journey with sustainable fashion techniques:

  1. Don’t throw away the excess scraps from your tailored clothes, put them to some use. A custom made table cover, or a cushion cover for your side couch. Who says fashion is only for humans? Make your furniture look fashionable too!
  2. Learn simple sewing and weaving. It helps you to re discover your imagination, and you can create a lot of things. It also helps in reusing the products, instead of just throwing them away.
  3. Read articles about the growing eco fashion designers and understand their outlook towards the entire process, you might learn something new.
  4. Follow the golden rule of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

These are just a few steps that can be fun and will help the environment to breathe again.

The idea of fashion shouldn’t be only about looks. Looking good is definitely the main purpose of fashion, but it doesn’t have to stop there. The industry shouldn’t be that superficial. Comfort, sustainability, eco-friendly should be on top of the list. Eco friendly fashion also gives rise to employment as manpower is more suitable for the adoption of such process. People skilled in weaving and tailoring can be further given training in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the industry. 

Fashion courses should challenge students with assignments to make recyclable clothing items with lower cost of production which fulfils the criteria of the concept.

Many celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Leonardo Di Caprio, Penelope Cruz, Julia Roberts and Orlando Bloom from the Hollywood industry have been campaigning for Green Fashion. 

Indian designer Anita Dongre recently showcased her “Reincarnations” collection at the Lakme Fashion Week, specifically aimed for Green fashion.

The idea is simple, honest and good for all and every new piece created should tell a story. Whatever you fashion should not be boring. It should remind you of yourself and also the responsibility that you bear towards the environment when you wear a shirt with a slogan that says “Go Green” or maybe “Save the Environment.” 

Keep calm and adopt eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, and be a messiah for your environment.