HACK Vs NEEDLE – Which way to go?

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”- Popular proverb

True it may be, but in this modern world of ever-changing beauty, staying updated with the latest beauty trend is crucial.

We all are mostly inspired by the celebrities we see on television or the internet. Their flawless skin makes us envious and creates a longing for the same.

This weakness of the customers is well marketed by the beauty industry and above all the influencers we get to see on YouTube or Instagram.

They present us with various “beauty hacks” whilst the savvy beauty industry presents us with invasive or not so invasive procedures like face needling.

The question is, Whom should we listen to?

What Are Beauty Hacks?

Thanks to the internet, we all are familiar with the term called “life hacks”- a simpler way to do tough things.

The same goes for “beauty hacks”- an easier way to perform certain activities that are supposed to be tough or expensive.

Money plays a big role when it comes to beauty hacks. First of all, we are inspired by our so-called “friends” or influencers and do not even think twice before rubbing potato slices on our faces.


Because they said the potato juice contain pore cleansing abilities.

Thus beauty hacks flood in from all sorts of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat etc. and we choose remedies from our kitchen or bathroom to get that glowing K-pop idol skin at a cheap price.

Pros And Cons Of Beauty Hacks

Let’s discuss this with examples: an easy way to understand.

Due to our fast lifestyle we often end up with less sleep and therefore it leads to puffy eyes, dark circles, red eyes etc.

According to this article on Healthline, organic tea bags can soothe puffy or red eyes as they have caffeine, tannin and other antioxidants in them.

 But one must not use them while the bag is still hot. The teabags must be refrigerated for at least 15 to 20 minutes. It is a major no-no for black tea leaves bag. You can also add cold cucumber on top of the bags while applying to get rid of the dark circles.

Results are also uncertain.

They have also cautioned that if you develop any kind of inflammation while using the teabags, immediately refrain from using them and pursue the advice of a skincare professional.

Now, this is some legit “beauty hack” from a trusted source like Healthline magazine.

So the pros are, beauty hacks are cheap, can be found in your pantry, organic and sometimes effective.

But what about those we find on Twitter of YouTube from our “Internet BFFs”?

A story on this website says a guy wanted to get rid of black lips. Black lips are caused by excess excretion of melatonin due to exposure in sun. It might disgust us but it is our body’s protective mechanism.

So one influencer gave the magic formula of honey, sugar, lime juice and cinnamon. He not only rubbed his tender lips with this coarse formula but licked the mixture afterwards!

No wonder he spent some days in the hospital due to gastric and dermatological problems.

Be careful of who you are listening to. If you are taking advice from your Twitter feed then chances are you will end up rubbing kitty litter all over your face just to get that glam glow!

What is Face Needling

We all crave poreless, acne proof glowing skin. Since the advancement of technology, a new process or rather a device called dermaroller has come up. It is a device that pricks the underskin.

Now you can perform it with the help of a dermatologist or an aesthetician.

Or, you can buy the departmental store version and DIY at home.

Now a dermaroller consists of needles that prick the skin and instigates it to produce more collagen tissue. When it is performed by a doctor (dermatologist) he or she uses a pen-like tool and pricks your skin more evenly. The expectation is to get even and wrinkle-free firm skin.

It is an extremely non-invasive process and apart from the redness, you are good to go. Before the micro-needling process, an anesthetic is applied so that you don’t feel the pain. It is a long term process. It may requite six to seven sittings to get the perfect result. But visible changes will come into effect after the first session, only if you do it medically.