“Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with….”

Carrie (Sex and the City)

Its high time for ladies to stop explaining the reasons behind the choice they make and the decisions they take. Its high time for people to realise that the dresses or makeup worn is just because they like doing it, not to impress someone else. In a time where internet is vibrating with the echo of accepting our true self and #unfiltered, self-care is being confused with decking up.

Skincare, trying to reduce dark spots and blemishes, striving towards having healthy hair, working out for leaner and healthier body – all is self-care! There could be many points of views towards makeup and hairdos being included in self-care. For some of us, makeup is a tool to hide out imperfections but for others, it could be an art. Some of us wear a nice hairdo to drag the attention towards the head rather than the rest of our body, but for others it could be an away express the true self.

In an age where the lines amid right-wrong, truth-lie, fake-real are not so stark and are blurring out, its very hard and rather wrong for us to create an opinion. Now, it’s more about who we are and what we want to do to us, rather than trying to fit into a glass slipper!

Hair is aesthetically one of the most important aspect of our personality. They bear our bad moods, light up when gets tangled while cuddling, gets side-lined when we are sad, endures styling in our boring night’s pastime, and what not. So, like to keep them short, some love to flaunt the inherited long luscious ones, some just experiment with them, some have less and others more. But one thing is common amid all, hair story. Each and every girl has a peculiar hair styling or haircare saga.

‘My granny uses to oil them so well that I still have healthy root and scalp…’ ‘Aagah… I use to have such lovely hair in my childhood but after I tried out colouring, I am losing them all…” “my hair looks like Maggie, though people love them but they’re so unmanageable…” “You have such lovely curly and bouncy hair; how would you know the pain on flat-no-volume hair…”. Well, this can go on for ages since we can never get satisfied with what we have now. Luckily, now we have very many easy, fast and most importantly economic options to style of hair. Let’s get into some:

1.  Bob the look!

As per hair styling experts, there’s a specific haircut for every face and body. How to know the perfect hairdo for us? Well, we can’t be experts but we can surely understand what suits us the best and there’s always a detour to break the monotony. A chic, sleek and punky bob haircut can surely elevate your entire look. Gone are the days where you decide your haircut as per your hair quality. Now we have the boon of styling tools. If you have wavy and tough to keep in place kind of hair, get yourself a high-quality hair straightening tool and give your bob look the prefect mould. For some of us with small and chiselled face, a hair curling tool would just do the magic.

2. The curl rescue!

We always doped upon the lovely, curly & vivacious look of Taylor Swift, Kangana Ranaut or Mithila Palkar. But we always think about the number of products and efforts that go into creating that look. And for those of us who are blesses with naturally curly hair, we just get bored by them. But, having a curly or even wavy hairdo is the most underrated hairstyling options. Now the stylists are coming up with options to give a wavy touch to the hair but its one if the easiest ways to give yourself a glamorous look. Folding and twisting the wet hair and then letting them dry is the most effective and easy option other than using a curling styling tool.

3. Handle the fuss with messy bun!

Having a bad hair day – checked! Didn’t get time to wash the hair – checked! Hair fall – checked! Monsoon sticky hair – checked! Summer time sweaty neck – checked! All problem, one solution – a messy bun! We do this process all day long, tying and untying the hair. Messy bun is nothing but an intentionally loosely tied, pretty top bun with some bangs and locks coming out. You can hardly go wrong while making one. Just get your best (strong) hair tie, hold all out your hair up the skull, give them some volume and make a nice, fluffy yet tight top bun. Now take out some strands or locks of your hair (depending upon the hair type, length and quality) – you are good to rock a long day! If needed, give the locks a bit of definition with straighter or curling tong for a finished look.

4. Bang-Bang!

Nothing in the world can extenuate your personality with a blend of pretty and sexy than perfect bangs! But a major caution: GET THEM ONLY BY EXPERTS. The bangs look absolutely sassy and feisty provided done properly and under expert supervision. Making the hair fall flawlessly on the forehead with a proper coverage of sides is an art and this should never be tried at home! Getting bangs or a pixie cut is not just cutting the front hair, it’s much more than that. Just give a proper definition to the bangs and bit of bounce to the side locks and you are all ready to slay.