He starts with a BEAT!


For 90s kids in India, music is almost synonymous with NIKHIL CHINAPA, DJ, host, and festival curator. Here’s a quick dip into this human quarry of energy, music, inspiration, style, and talent where Nikhil Chinapa gets candid with POPP DAPP !

  When asked EDM or Acoustic music, which genre is his favorite, India’s eminent VJ and EDM musician Nikhil Chinapa aptly chooses “Good music”, music that soothes the soul. He informs POPP DAPP correspondent, that music should have good lyrics, melody, and leveled up production to be described as a beautiful song. In the nineties, Mr. Chinapa popularized the profession of being a VJ. When asked by POPP DAPP correspondent, how did he find an unconventional career like video jockeying at that time? He replied, it was 1997 and he was finishing his architect degree in Bangalore with occasional stints at a theatre performance or radio shows. Then one day MTV VJ Hunt was in town. So, he was like “let’s give it a shot” because you never know!

  He got selected! And thus, from being an architect he plunged into the entertainment industry, mused Nikhil. “How did Roadies happen to you?”, as our correspondent was curious for more intel.

  Mr. Chinapa mused along, as he was invited to co-judge a season of Roadies, and he and Raghu developed a really good rapport. Moreover, the auditions were going well and many years after that another judge Karan Kundra could not sit as a judge for Roadies and Nikhil took on his place. When asked how MTV as a channel has evolved, he said the youth has become more streaming device-centric, which is unbeatably true.

  “What were the biggest roadblocks you have faced in your career?”, when Nikhil is asked this question, he replies without hesitation that he has not had to face any huge obstacles in his career. It went so smoothly that it was pretty much annoying to him. He feels like an imposter who has not done enough in life. It has always left him dissatisfied; extra energy ready to be burned but making him restless instead.

Our correspondent asked him to give one piece of advice for the young people of the country who are aspiring to be Video Jockey.

  Mr. Chinapa got serious and answered, one must know where to draw the line while being a presenter.

When insisted to elaborate, he expresses everybody has a certain set of values and a presenter must respect them. There is no need for pointless humor or incessant talking. Above all, mastering one language for presenting will be enough. Be it English, Hindi, Telegu or Marathi, etc. Coming at the end of the interview, Mr. Chinapa talks about his regret of not joining the army. “Coming from a background of guns and weaponry”, he believes while exploring the entertainment sector in India he missed out on serving his country which would have been beautiful.

  Last but not least our reporter asks if he was not making music or hosting shows, then what would he be doing right now. Mr. Chinapa gives little thought and says obviously “I was studying to become an architect.” Otherwise, he had applied at a luxury resort chain in Singapore as a bartender and he was accepted. But again, MTV VJ Hunt happened so that did not work out either. “You could do that again in your life right now?” Pointing to his age as an ineligibility criterion he comments “But being a bartender, I could still do.”

  Thus, the interview with POPP DAPP and Indian music Mogul comes to a subtle and swift end.