We imagine the conversations (two way with self composed dialogues) which would make us win in the end!


Relationship drama, toxic partner, incompatibility or communication drop, everything brings a saturation point with itself. A lot of times we feel helpless in a situation which neither subsides with time, not fades with new memories. The flip side is, it takes a major toll on our subconscious where there’s a constant battle going on. We desperately want a particular relation to work; we give our heart and soul to it as well. In spite of doing all that we can, things fall apart. So, the major question here is; how to let go the things that we can’t hold back? How to get closures when there’s no scope of getting the appropriate response? How to find peace with our broken pieces? Here are few tips that would help you out in putting yourself together for a shinier future ahead!


A lot of times we just hide away from the truth, the truth that we don’t want to accept. We don’t want to feel ditched, rejected, made joke of, taken for granted or sold short. We simply try to put a veil over our self-loath. This makes us susceptible to any memory or situational trigger that’s attached to that particular incident. For eg. a song that digs out all the forbidden nights and dates. Cologne that shivers the soul in a random party. A food items that smells like him/ her. These are the triggers that simply defy to leave us alone the whole life. The solution is – face the reality! If your boyfriend has ditched you, face it. Sleep in the tear pool for a week and let it out. Talk to your close friends. If needed, take an appointment with the counselor. Unless you open up your wound and clean it, it won’t be healed!


How many times we have imagined the same situation to have had different endings. We always rewind the situations and conversations in our head and try to give an appropriate ending. We imagine the conversations (two way with self composed dialogues) which would make us win in the end. The last conversation with the one we love is never the last one. We always feel that there can be something more to that and then everything would be fine. ‘Next time when he’ll text me, I’ll be witty and say certain things which would give me inner peace….’ That one meeting after which the crib of loneliness would fade away. Or that one effort which would put everything in place. The hard truth is, it NEVER happens. We never get to have the final closure in the relationship. We never get to say the final things which would make our life easier after the separation. There’s no last meeting which fetches us the satisfaction of not having to see the next person again. So, there’s no point looking for it. Just move on. Leave the things in the middle and consider that as the closure!


What would I do without him? We planned our whole life together. And now when he’s gone, how would I survive. Believe us or not, life’s not that short as we think it is. We always jump to conclusion based on the fact of forever. ‘Babe! I’ll always love you’ ‘Hon. I’ll never leave you alone’ ‘I hate you! I’ll never see your face again’. These always, never, forever are mere words that bring anxiety in a long stretch. These ‘forever’ brings us anxiety whereas ‘never’ fades away with time. No situation is as stark as we sometimes imagine it as. Everyone is growing with time and growth includes change. And we become anxious when people change. We forget that the most normal & at times essential constant – change! Situations would change and so would forever. Nothing is our life is permanent, except out mental peace. As it’s solely dependent on us!

So, what’s the bottom line? Well, there is NO bottom line or tried and tested solution of living with peace with our broken pieces. We keep on trying to find our version of victory and try get peace. Then only truth in all these non-lucid and blurry lines is, THIS TOO SHALL PASS!