INFLUENCERS & BLOGGERS – The perfect prodigies!

“Are these social media platforms helping in promoting fashion along with setting up trends or just spoiling the essence of dressing and culture?”

Fashion plays an important role in this era and currently, the definition of fashion has now been changed by fashion influencers and bloggers. People have heard several discussions regarding the impact of social media platforms over physical and mental health conditions; but this article will give a brief insight into fashion – “Are these social media platforms helping in promoting fashion along with setting up trends or just spoiling the essence of dressing and culture?” Earlier when blogging was started, it was mainly focused on content and less on the money. But now a significant drift is seen in the content.

Fashion influencers and bloggers are gaining a lot of popularity because of the content they are creating without knowing or understanding if it is making any sense or not.  Also, these influencers and bloggers are approached by many brands because of their following over social media platform(s). Further, they monitor their accounts and check if the followers really follow their fashion and accordingly use them as a trendsetter or source of advertisement.

Fashion influencers and fashion bloggers these days are just playing with different outfits and are manipulating each other’s idea of fashion.  They often try to showcase it in a more glamorous and out of the box way and state it as a fashion trend. Fashion influencers and bloggers often believe that they set trends, but they are just faking things and only using the power of social media. Many influencers have also started giving freebies because of the money, popularity, and most importantly followers which they gain in turn for freebies.

Right now, bloggers are creating a very significant difference in one’s life. Earlier, Bollywood used to play this role and it is seen that influencers and bloggers have taken their place.

Teenagers of this generation see fashion influencers as someone who is living in a paradise, one who is enjoying their life to the fullest, in a way that affects their self-esteem and, in some cases, results in increased anxiety and even slips down into depression. However, they also try to follow the footprints of the so-called fashion influencers from whoever they are inspired and follow and end up doing the wrong. The immaturity and desire to be in public eyes and gain popularity, make them do unnecessary and irrelevant things.

The truth being, fashion influencers always tend to show the side of themselves they want you to see, what all expensive outfits they wear, and all the recent places they’ve been to. What people don’t know about these fashion influencers is that most of the time, the attires, skincare, etc they wear and flaunt are provided by popular brands for free, so that these influencers can advertise and promote their products. Further, these fashion influencers urge their audience to buy these expensive outfits and styling, for which they haven’t paid for, which is misleading.

Another point of concern surrounding these fashion influencers is that earlier fashion influencing was based on creating quality and realistic content. They helped people in understanding the latest trends available in the market and styles that can be adopted by them. But nowadays, it has become a money-making business.

Moreover, the paid promotions by popular brands have ruined the fashion influencing and trendsetting as fashion influencers are now promoting anything and everything under the roof they are paid for. They showcase fashion ideas and styling sense in a way that in my belief can’t be used in the real and practical world. They don’t understand the term “Comfort zone”, rather they post pictures and videos which are abnormal and normal people can’t even think of applying it in his or her day-to-day life.

Since a lot of young teenagers look up to these fashion influencers as role models, it becomes their moral duty to spread awareness about various important aspects of lifestyle. Also, they must address issues like body shaming and how to deal with it.

But now, with almost zero practical knowledge of fashion, fabric, style, and colour themes, it is not possible to make trends and set style statements. Only one thing is possible with zero knowledge and that is manipulating other’s fashion ideas, fashion statements and faking the resources. And this is not the job of a fashion influencer and fashion blogger. Clearly, the people who have the knowledge about this field only should step into this industry.

In the past few years, the growth of the internet has taken the world by storm. This enormous growth of the internet has led to the emergence of many social media platforms like – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. which has attracted a number of content creators including fashion bloggers and influencers, food bloggers, travel bloggers, technology geeks, etc. Also, the age barrier has now vanished, and no one can surely check if the content is viewed by the right group of people for which the content was created or not. Moreover, even there’s no age restriction for the creators as 14-year-old kids can also be a fashion influencer now (just because of popularity).

This has resulted in the growth of the population of fashion influencers (or fashion spoilers) on social media. So, to stand out from the crowd, people indulge in many activities to increase their popularity by hook or crook.

Some of them buy fake followers, while some of these fashion influencers bring semi-nudity in their pictures to increase followers and subsequently, increase their popularity and followers. And since everyone now has access to the internet, the type of content uploaded by these fashion influencers seem to be inappropriate for most of the sections of society.

Although social media is providing a huge platform for bloggers and influencers to reach out directly to their choice of consumer with the advanced technology, and some influencers are actually making use of this platform in positive ways by making a change in the fashion industry by introducing sustainable fashion and styles, many other fashion bloggers and influencers must need to rethink their fashion idea, fashion philosophy, styling, etc, and should proceed with the correct methodology.