Drunken master might have been a hep tag to have, but over changing time the delimitation & connotation of ‘trendy’ is totally changing shape. With constantly altering lifestyles & modes of relaxations, we are surely getting accustomed to a specific kind of weekend routine. MNC culture have given a huge trigger, where you get sat-sun to recharge yourself for the week ahead. A typical explanation of metro high profile youth would be hitting a bar, getting drunk, hanging out with friends & then a lazy hungover Sunday!

With no judgments and considering the practical incapability of the options with current youth, it’s the best way you can spend your weekend nights. But if you look at a wider preview, there has to be a reason that all your booze brands are expanding their customer base. Why aren’t they happy to have us all having a patterned lifestyle where they are getting the amount of sale that they need? Why do they want to have that tipple abstinent chuck as their buyers? Whereas with changing times where society is becoming okay with people having hard drinks around them without as suspicion. Why are the liquor companies worldwide are trying to open up to all?

Before coming to the answers of the aforesaid questions, let’s look at an interesting paradigm shift in the society. Digitization is at full force. We have totally acclimatized the changing scenarios of way of communication, way of sharing information, way of discussing agendas publicly and most importantly – social media etiquettes. We all know now completely how important internet and social media is in our life. The discussions of boom or bane would go on to age as they are going on for other societal inclinations. But to state the fact, whether or not we like – it is affecting all of our lives. In present time where we don’t even once before sharing any topic of discussion, it has now become a frenzy. A frenzy where no topic belongs to a specific individual. Everyone is involved in all of the societal, political or environmental discourse. Within macro and nano second the information is getting transferred and dispersed in all the essential and no essential areas. A very important face of this whole ecosystem is the sharing of personal information. This could be through channels and vlogs on YouTube or through sharing of stories on Instagram. Youth is actively coming up and sharing what they believe, have and what they can share which could be useful for others in the world. Starting form makeup tutorials to health blogs, all are trending like a wild fire in the current digital space.

Direct impact of such a hyper connected and digitized space is on the self-image and consciousness of the viewers or readers. When we see a video showing the ways to reduce weight, then we at least see it all to grasp the things that we can do easily. Youth is steadily becoming aware of the fact that whatever they are going to share on digital space, it won’t ever come back. Digital world is like a huge black hole, which absorbs everything that its exposed to. This is making it even tougher for the people risking the sharing of their unparliamentary images or videos. There’s an uncalled-for change which is forcing us all to stay cautious about what do we do in our daily lives.

While driving to office we stay in our complete sense to not make a mistake while driving. As is in case we hit someone, then people around would group up and start to make videos. How many videos or pictures we encounter on a daily basis, which is showing some kind of wrong happening in the society. Apart from the self-imagery concern there’s a new drive of looking our best. This is due to the relay race of picture uploads on social media platforms. If we don’t change our DP (display picture) for more than a month, our profile starts looking stale. Staying fit thus has become a compulsion rather than a necessity. If we want to click a nice picture, we need to look in shape and our skin needs to shine. Which is why we are now trying to shift to healthier alternatives of food and drinks. Uploading a workout video is another fascination. Thus, taking a gym membership and hitting the gym to upload a ‘before and after’ becomes the need of the hour. All these changes in the public display is on one side making us technology slave and also creating a sense of self care and awareness.      

Coming back to the point of correlating the shift on consumer base for the liquor companies. The liquor giants like Heineken, Bacardi & Kingfisher are now expanding to soft drink categories. They are coming up with non-alcoholic & healthy soft drinks. This is where the direct impact is for the changing perception of youth for healthy lifestyle. Present youth wants to have a drink that has low sugar content and won’t make them have a ‘beer belly’, which won’t look good when they’ll get tagged in the #weekendfun!

Liquor brands are now launching lemon based non-carbonated drinks to cater to the consumer that wants to look cool and don’t want to spoil their social media image and body. This is also giving a pause to the surrogate marketing techniques of the companies where they have been advertising their original product on the names of club glasses, music & soda water. Apart from the marketing strategy shift of the companies, they are also getting completely aware of the fact that youth is somewhere getting charged-up for having a healthier alternative of everything – even to booze!