Amid fleeting love & bleating emotions

We are becoming so equipped with tools of pleasure that now the humans are somewhere getting disposable. We are now having a trade-off amid love making & foreplay…    

Much discussed, much written and much explored topic – LOVE! The dopamine rush in brain and soul that’s expected to astonish majorly the 80s & 90s lot. The concept, experience and explanation of Love varies from generation to generation. Millennials are considered to be the ‘confused ones’ when it comes to understanding the basic concept of Love, all they’re involved in is – LOVE MAKING. Are these both concepts not dependent on one another?

Well, there are various schools of thoughts for this. Some of them believe that love making only makes sense when there’s love, understanding and psychological compatibility involved in it. Whereas there’s another group of believers who consider love making totally independent on psychological connection and only a physical activity. Since both of the aforesaid believes are totally dependent upon the personal choices, thus it would be totally unjust to praise one and demean another.

Thus, we shall try and explain it one by one. With our changing lifestyles and major involvement of technology and social media, we admit or not, there’s a void developed in the lives of people around us. Though we all are connected virtually, but there’s still that innate desire of physically being with someone. ‘Physically’ doesn’t necessarily refer to the ‘sexual’ intimacy, its natural human tendency to adore that loving touch.

With modernization and people becoming out loud about their needs, that innocence and understanding of two bodies being together is lost somewhere. Before we could feel the orgasming souls, our body orgasms. We are becoming so equipped with tools of pleasure that now the humans are somewhere getting disposable. Psychological needs are still getting subsided with the involvement of bitter intentions and greed. We are now having a trade-off amid love making & foreplay.     


Human bodies and their desires have never been simple. But lately, we’ve been objectifying it with ‘bodily needs’ that no one today talks about the mental chemistry. More than not talking about it, people cannot feel it in their busy lives. Sex has become more or less like a routine and something which we do because we love doing it. Going back to Indian literature of sexual energy, which is still adored worldwide, talks about the connection of two souls. Kamasutra is not just a literature of sexual knowledge, rather it’s the complete know how of seduction, love, love making, attraction and sex. Even this literature has categorically differentiated amid love and love making. The idea of adoring someone, the desire of care, attachment, affection and closeness is not dependent upon the feeling of intimately hugging, kissing and making love. Is it hard to believe this? With the experiences of a varied number of people, it has come to fact – when you fall in ‘love’ with someone and feel the inner connection of soul, then love making and sex becomes disposable.


This is yet another though to believe in current times that the mere idea of satisfaction is psychological and it has nothing to do with the sex life or routine of an individual. Though there are certain functions of human body (especially male body) that requires some amount of balancing. But here we are only discussing about the feeling for another individual which can be the feeling of love and the urge of making love. Though the line amid both of these activities is quite narrow and somewhere getting diminished over the changing times.

But sill for the people who have strong cerebral inclination towards the cognitive aspects of their relationships, might find sense in it. Feeling of satisfaction can be achieved by experiencing strong psychological connection with another individual and in this, another human being is non-disposable. While when we talk about orgasm, which is strongest feeling of pleasure can be achieved without another human being, thus in this your partner becomes disposable. Satisfaction can make you lead your life without the feeling of ‘doing’ something, without to feeling anxious about yourself. The idea of Love where you get connected to someone else and do not demand anything in return – not even his/ her physical presence.

This is the feeling where you never get dissatisfied with the actions or words of another person. The feeling where we feel that you’ve maintained a connection and you are contented with it. This is the place where you give full liberty to your body and soul to grow beyond and limits. This is the place where you never feel ditched or cheated. Because the concept of cheating hits you when you feel ‘used’ by another individual. We never talk about the psychological dent involved in it, because we’ve started getting so practical that things don’t hit us (good or bad), unless they are physical.