MADE UP – The new makeup!

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid blind.”


Ah! Shakespeare definitely knew the beautiful language of love and its expression. That takes us to the dawns of Honfleur and the dusk of Moulin Rouge.

Charm & beauty

His various dramas always had one alluring prepossessing female protagonist. Whose charm, beauty description filled pages and always left us thinking how she would have been in real. The lines on her charm and beauty keeps manoeuvring in the mind leave us to think Oh! What her eyes would have been. And the very same process has been going on till now. But yeah! Definitely with a twist.

Is this true? That made up is the new make up or it’s just a fake up. People have different opinions about this but the fact goes somewhere else. Checking through various e-commerce websites these days got thousands of beauty products in the market luring us to give the best of the skin and make us look out of this world. As the time passing, they tend to increase the range of products with even more promising advertisements and leave us wondering which to choose and what’s the best.

Fairer the better!

What is this competition all about anyways! Beauty? Does anyone know what the exact meaning of beauty is? We have made our own calibrations about the beauty standards. Fairer the better! Chiselled is hot! and just to attain such positions in the society we are running towards even weirder ways. Brushing up a bit or touch ups with makeup doesn’t involve that but talking about the present era it gone to something unimaginable.

A beautiful & successful woman

27 years old Angella from New York thinks that none of her relationship works because of her dark skin. This thinking penetrated so deep inside her that she lost her confidence of dating. Even the interested ones lost their likings because of that, she got so busy with working on her skin tone rather than her confidence and inner beauty. She decided to go various cosmetic processes like chemical peeling and other but later she found it was just her charm that made her appealing rather than her skin tone. The same story was with Andrea, a beautiful successful woman had a notion that guys lose interest in her because of her small breast. She went for implants that made her life even more miserable as it did not go well.


So, the point is this era is running towards the artificial ways of making oneself appealing than working on what they have. Makeup has been one of the most crucial and important part of fashion as well as the entertainment industry. That has been used in order to enhance the beauty not to create something extra to loosen someone’s own individuality.

“we choose models for their confidence in their eyes and the poise with which they carry our clothes, we like the look raw with a bit of enhancement with makeup”

Mark, 27 years old Fashion Designer

This sentence completely says to beautify oneself, we have to see what’s within not what can be done artificially.

Even the entertainment industry has a big outburst of getting the look of one’s choice by various surgeries in which most of the experiments don’t get successful. These days most of the actresses have undergone surgeries in order to get the perfect looks but the survey says that hasn’t affected their career a bit, in fact that sometimes made them the centre of mockery and shame. In this industry we have to check how photogenic we are and the art of performance inside.

The talks about the beauty have always been inside human’s mind whether it’s in a play pen or at passing wisdom at the death bed. But the meaning changes with the wear and tear by this materialistic world and people tend to forget the actual meaning and run behind what’s been shown.

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