MUSIC – Unit of everything!

Don’t marry someone you love, marry the one you can work with


Even after years of co-existence, what’s that one thing that keeps the spark going between two individuals? Is it love, affection, care, understanding, respect or a blend of everything? Or is it just the state of denial for separation? Well, human relationship is a very complex procedure and it is highly impossible for us to have a single answer to the aforesaid question.

But yet when we see samples of people who have spent their complete life with one single individual, it not only fascinates, but also creates a curiosity to get to know about the intricacies and folds of human relationship. POPP DAPP covered one such couple who are been spending a life together since over 50 years.

Man and wife now but friends and companions since eternity. When they sit and talk, you can still get the glimpse of their untimely connection & humor.

One of them (James) is a Violin player and gives tuitions to students, whereas Marry plays Harp. They are a together a treat to vision and conscience about the real bond that surpasses countries, religion, inclinations & interests.

They give a special perspective to music and its collusion to each and every particle of this universe. They also talk about the way they’ve switched their religious inclinations and the way they became closer to the ultimate commanding power of this entire universe. Their sense of humor coupled with intention of service in a foreign land is hard to find and essential to cherish !!!    

I am from a large catholic family and my husband comes from a very small family… my mother and grandmother loved to serve… we have had lots of parties.. hospitality and all !! when I get to be a teenager, I started to do some drugs in school.

In 1960s I was in high school, and this was the time when hippie culture started. I use to make my own bellbottom pants, I use to hang around with my friends in school. And my husband says “this is how we met” which I never remember. But we actually met in graduation.

Ours was the biggest class of 1952 of over 1000 students as it was the “baby boom” year, when the servicemen came back from World War II and then there was a huge population explosion. We had the graduation party, our parents locked us all in  so that they become sure that we don’t drink and do drugs.

That was a the first time when spent our whole night together. That’s how we started to enjoy each other’s company. One day I asked him “Do you want to marry me?”, and to that he said “ not a bad idea”. We both were 19 and  once he came from the service we gave notice to our parents and we got married.

In this very old church we got married with very little people as it was freezing winters time. So we got married with very few close people wherein my aunt bought food, and post that we ran off to North Carolina.

I think it’s a great thing for people to get married and stay together. We have married for 13 years and had 2 children by then, with 9 years of no children. I was doing businesses like sewing and doing drugs with all of my friends and then finally he (JAMES) became a dietician.

So then we became respectable, but yet we had marijuana plants at our backyard. And then we moved to a small town. We started listening to a lot of Christian tapes as by now we were asked to attend a lot of such gatherings. We got our inclination towards Christianity as by now we had 2 children and we never wanted them to be like us.

We decided to raise them differently. One day I was hearing national public radio and there was this program “national press club” where famous people come and speak to a good audience.

It was Clare Boothe Luce who was talking about “our final authority in life”. She said “I’ve met a lot of people who claim themselves to be God”. They said that the state/ country is the final authority of life , so they never listen to God.

Since she recently got turned into Christian so she said “Only God can be the final authority in life not man”. And this made me think about “IS THERE GOD?”.

I was an atheist, though I’ve always been to church. But going to church doesn’t make you Christian. It’s there in Christian religion that the soul doesn’t get destroyed,

It just takes a rebirth. After this a series of incidents started to happen, like I started watching “700 Club” and use to tell my husband about the miracles that they reinact.

Like how can I explain that a woman is ready to shoot herself with a gun and she says “If there’s a God, talk to me right now and STOP ME!”.There were 700 people praying and sitting in circle and said “who so ever is going to shoot.. then  STOP !! God loves you !!

A religious man tries to reach to God but having born again is God reaching down to us and reconcile with us.

Its like music that is the unit of everything that exists around us, it’s the basis of existence and is the mutual binding force between me and James.

Holding a beautiful violin in his hand, James stands for the show.Hands still, face straight, body stiff and eyes in devotion.

And there he starts to play his favorite choir with Marry. This is how this man starts to talk about the ‘Unit of everything’.

The idea of getting to the ultimate unit of matter’s existence.

Considering the findings of the renowned physicist,  by far ‘Atoms’ are considered to be the smallest unit of matter. Which we break down, then they are also composed of electrons, neutrons & protons. Which can be further broken down into neutrino & antineutrinos.  What’s next ?

As per the latest projections of certain scientists, the ultimate unitary of the matter is vibrating objects called as ‘STRINGS’.  And this explains the existence of music in the ultimate unitary of matter’s being.

This couple believes and portrays the foremost interdependence of two people in love. Having totally varied personalities would complement each other and thus in order to settle on one person, we should look of complementing qualities rather than similarities. Janmes says, you should always marry someone you can work with.

If you enjoy the companionship of a being and are comfortable cleaning your house with him/her,  go and get HITCHED !!!

When we see a couple of foreign nationality spending their majority of lifetime in India with an intention of service and societal up gradation, nothing can feel better than this !!!