NEPAL’s Hills-Chills-Grills

Article from POPP DAPP Vol I Issue I (Oct 19)

NEPAL is a curtain of fluttering prayers flag, as described on their travel site. With the backdrop of mountains, and the calm serenity of the surroundings, Nepal sandwiched between India and China can be a perfect tourist destination for someone who doesn’t want to travel far, but wants to travel at the same time to a place which is as beautiful as any foreign land.

When you visit their tourist site Nepal – A Lonely Planet they describe Nepal as a paradise for trekkers, as it combines Himalayan views, golden temples, charming hill villages and jungle wildlife. Nepal comes under world’s great travel destination.

The thing that attracts tourist the most is that Nepal has a blend of both mountains being the home of majestic Mount Everest, and sacred medieval cities being the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Nepal is known for its pristine environment and beauty. Located in beautiful South Asia, Nepal offers diverse landscapes for the tourist to witness.


Being the capital and the largest city in Nepal. Kathmandu has a lot to offer. The favorite spot of any tourist or traveler in Kathmandu has to be the Durbar Square, it is among the largest of the palaces squares and among the UNESCO world heritage site. It is surrounded by palaces and temples. Set in the valley surrounded by the Himalayan mountains


If you want to pick up some souvenirs for your loved ones, Thamel is the place to visit, it is a commercial neighbourhood located in Kathmandu. It is the hottest spot for tourism inside the Kathmandu Valley. Thamel is a home to various alley shops of foods, souvenirs, handicrafts, clothes etc. There are many restaurants too to serve the appetite of the travellers.


Boudhanath Stupa commonly and more primarily known as Bodnath by the locals is one of the largest stupas in the whole world. The stupa is said to be a symbol of enlightenment. The each different shape represents the five attributes of Buddha and also the five elements viz, Water, air, fire, earth and sphere. It is claimed that when all these five elements come together, it reflects the structure of universe in abstract fashion. Along with Swayanbhu, Bodnath is one of the most popular tourist sites in the Kathmandu Area. In terms of grace and purity of line, no other stupa in Nepal comes close to Boudhanath. From its whitewashed dome to its gilded tower painted with the all-seeing eyes of the Buddha, the monument is perfectly proportioned.


Described as a mirror to Himalaya, Pokhara lies in the Central Nepal on Pehlwa Lake. Known as a gateway to Annapurna Circuit. Pokhara is the dream destination for the tourist as it provides them with all they wish for, a beautiful scenery, calm atmosphere, adventure activities, good food and accommodation, all at one place. What else do you want?


If you are into trekking and want to experience the mighty mountains, and have a magnificent view that will stay with you for a lifetime, then Everest region is the place for you. As a kid, I’m pretty sure most of us wanted to climb the Mount Everest. When we 1st learned about Tenzin Norgay, the first man to climb Mount Everest. Nepal, might help you make your wish come true, as it provides you with the best trekking infrastructure, Towering snow peaked mountains that you have only seen in Yash Raj Movies, can now be explored by you. You will get the Views, the altitude, and the perfect ambience.