In a world where being slim and size zero is the ultimate fashion trend and anything more than that is considered bulky and curvy (a sophisticated synonym and alternative for the word fat), it becomes difficult for woman who do not fit the standard beauty size to follow the latest fashion trends and not be called upon by our very concerned society members.
There will be too many fashion gurus and style makers to tell you the dos and don’ts of what to wear and what not to wear according to your waist size and body type by comparing your body to a fruit or even worse a knife, fork or a spoon. The patterns that will look good on you, the colors, the stripes, neckline and the list is endless.

Unlike those aunties, style gurus, and your so called well wishers, here are some of the tips from our side to let you be the amazing diva you were born to be –

1. Wear Whatever the Heck you want to wear !

A Solid Little Black Dress or a Flowy Floral Dress wear whatever you feel like wearing. There are no dos and don’ts to your choices. You are free to wear whatever the heck you want to wear, just wear it will your best feature – Your Smile, don’t worry if then pattern is too big or too small, or if the color will suit your body type, if it fits, and its comfortable, put it on girl!

2. Accessorize with your Confidence!

Whatever you are wearing, wear it with confidence like you own that dress. Don’t worry if the accessories is too loud, too blingy, too minimal or just out there. If you like it wear it! Period.

3. Walk the Talk

Want to be the hot shot boss lady? Pick up a black stilleto, a cute girl next door? Wear floral, colourful flats. Sporty chic? Sneakers all the way! Whatever is your mood, Shoe it up. There is no right and wrong kind of shoes according to dress. Remember the Style Diva Rhea Kapoor wearing Adidas shoes underneath her beautiful white lehnga on her sister Sonam’s wedding?

COOL TIP : Put a Kala Teeka for Nazar!

Your beauty and confidence will make a lot of head turns, make sure you put a kala teeka on, and stay a put, not worrying about the haters or the admirers. Bring in the Bollywood buff inside you, and follow the custom. So, the next time anyone would try to ‘advice’ you on what’s good for you, and what’s not, just give them a look, and do exactly what they asked not to do!

Always Remember, you are your own kind of beautiful. Don’t fall into the societal’s norms of being a standard beauty. Be your version of beautiful. Wear your body like confidence, accept it and love it for the way it is and see the glow reflecting outside.