Use cleansers regularly with mild toner
Don’t skip moisturising your skin daily
Use night creams or serums
Eat antioxidant rich food
Exfoliate your skin once in a week
Put some drops of oil (olive oil, coconut oil or mustard oil) in your belly button at night
Sunscreen is very important step for glowing skin
Add some drops of Vitamin C in your moisture or face bam
Go for green juices to enrich your skin organically
Use hydrating face mask twice a week (it will give you a natural glow)
Do not mix incompatible foods like Milk and fruit, Milk and Meat, Cold drink after meal or ghee and honey

Keep your hair moisturised
Use protein pack for weak hair
Avoid over styling (hair dryer, sprays or curlers)
Use neutral ph hair products
Argan oil is best for frizzy and damaged hairs. It is rich in Vitamins and promotes hair growth and moisturizes dry scalp
Mix some drops of essential oils like Tea tree oil , Castor oil, olive oil while doing chummy with healthy hairs
Drink a lot of coconut water