I still don’t get it.. how a drug virgin person would think? I mean the state that you can achieve in the influence of memory and conscious enhancer, is inimitable. The way you stop judging surroundings, the way you stop cribbing for miniature dissatisfactions of life and most of all, the way you start celebrating your own being. All the problems of life and soul becomes volatile, the issues of worldly affection and expectations becomes sublime. All I am left with is a state of void, where I don’t have to take care of any probable hindrances prevailing around. I become the most carefree creature of this entire universe, the most satisfied soul of the cosmos & the most giving intentions is my projected self.

I know, for a person who has never experienced any sort of intoxication, it’s very tough to even get a bit of this whole explanatory process. The entire ecosystem of self-universe and “stuff” makes the most sustainable process that mankind can ever imagine. Wherein you become the utmost powerful organism and rest all are mere vibrating particle.

SNAP OUT!! One word and the whole dream sequence comes to a stringent end. My friend sitting beside me, shook me from my shoulder and abruptly the entire hallucination comes to a ugly, realistic end. I am sitting, trying to imagine and more than that understand the discrimination between the two worlds. One where I was, which was as serene as the premium luxury suite of heaven can be. Or second, which seems like a dungeon filled with swampy, selfish and careless people.   This dwelling self comes to a much comfortable stop, once I understood (to a certain extent) that the actual world where we all belong to, the one that curtails to all good-bad, negative-positive, beautiful-ugly yin yangs of creations, is the one which I always try to superimpose by a self created world catalysed by some helping drugs. 

               What if, this is all escapism? Wherein I just try to disown the problems or issues which actually exist and which are the only and only proof that I am actually ALIVE. Tensions, worries, issue, discomfort, heartbreak, fear, anger, rage etc. are certain pins to trigger my sense of refurbishment towards taking a trip to the unstable, unreal, created, non-existent and never sustained domain via a portal that slowly deteoriates the beings doing the travel. Ok.. enough of not so relatable facts of an intelligent trippy person. When we discuss about the roots of such experience addiction, it usually tapers to young age and hostel life. Wherein we usually don’t have much developed self policing mechanisms.

This stage where we develop our music, movie and webseries taste. Fashion & grooming comes to us, where we usually try to make ourself blend able into the surroundings. When it comes to universities of Tamil Nadu (India), then there’s a major factor that usually changes the linking inclination of young buds. And that is Ocean and coasts. As compared to any other coastlines of India, Tamilnadu coastline is much more explored by college youth. This could be due to availability of engineering and professional colleges in the interiors of the state.

                Wild coast of Tamil Nadu, no parental influence, friends around and liberty on conscious usually ends up in us trying the various adventures of life. Some of such is getting inked, pierced, funny haircuts etc. Apart from the vanilla alterations there are certain extremes as well, like trying smoking, alcohol and other chemical variants of pleasure. I have always perceived that it’s intelligent people who always get involved in trying out the whole continuum of leisure. Because as per me, getting high with pleasurable supports is not a deal of dumbs. Once you try to acquire knowledge about the things you’ve always been prohibited for, the interest and conscious of empowering the danger creeps in. 

I know a wide range of products, their compositions, scientific names, by products, precursor, successor, variants etc. this knowledge gives me a sense of superiority where I always see myself driving the pleasure substances rather than being driven by the fact that all gratifying things are empowering in nature. And this humans tend to become addicts of unexplored leisure supports. It’s same as holding the steering wheel of the car tight enough, eye on road, legs striking complete synergy between accelerator and brake, and full power in conscious. These facts would make you drive you to extremes of delightful trips. Similarly, a senseless drive would & getting driven by any pleasure substance would make you regret the fact that you’ve tried them and have made them ride your mind and soul !!!!