Performers who have cracked the bars & constructed their genre of music & art. Some musicians and artists don’t just do music but they come together and come up with newer inventions of music genres. And there is no dearth of such musicians of that kind in the music industry. 

Musician NGHTMRE was one of the prime artists to come up with the genre of EDM which now has improved so many corollaries and has branded itself to be a huge part of new age music. With house EDMs, Tropical EDMs, the music industry is extending its spheres from all its boundaries in simultaneous working with musicians who are amenable to innovate and explore the art that they are inventing more adeptly. 

The classic essence of 90’s Grunge was inspired by rage and suspecting society’s overly polished look and social impositions, and particularly with the stance of music returning to its genuine chords of raw natural and instinctual emotions of aggression. And Curt Kobain’s beautiful display of agony due to the commercialization of the music industry with his agony-filled emotional lyrics resonated with teens across the world. Nirvana, the godfather of Grunge music with their angst-filled music instigated the same results from people all over the world

Fast-forward to 2010, Vaporwave, a new retro wave with the resurgence of synth beats, geeky music titles, and the reformed 80’s aesthetic was all the rage. Vaporwave took on more to the meme culture of the denizens of the internet but Kavinsky’s inspiration was from classic retro action movies back scores but it made a huge impact on the growth and development of the music genres we know today. So let us find out more about the innovative musicians who broke the barriers with newer genres of music.

Michael Jackson

Before the era of the “King Of Pop” there existed a genre called “Pop” but then how did Michael Jackson steal the limelight all for himself? He was the first pop star to bring emphasis and a heavy focus on showmanship, appearances with his epic and untimely dance moves and notes. Which became significant aspects of the pop culture in music and are continuing to be so. 

According to an article written by the Recording Academy of Grammy Awards, it states the 10 reasons why Michael Jackson is known as the King of Pop and mainly talks about sales data and charting data, but the wine of the article is solely on the mention of the birth of moonwalk which brought in the aspects of having a signature dance move and heightened the artists’ charisma and aura perfectly helping in putting more emphasis on showmanship and appearances. Michael Jackson brought a new life to the already existing Genre of Pop and he did it so effortlessly which were bore him immense fame and success, and the ever so well-deserved title of “King of Pop”.

Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls

In this case, as well the genre of Hip-hop music existed well before Tupac and Biggie Smalls added fuel to it. Before Tupac and Biggie were rivals in the music industry, they were the best of friends, and in respect to the monotonous party-themed, light-hearted hip-hop music which many centered around the themes of drugs, girls, and partying, Tupac and Biggie were instrumental in rapping and spitting bars which talked about life in poverty and all the other social problems faced by people. Giving the genre a new edge and hue altogether. 

Black Sabbath

Metal was thought to be in its infancy in the ’70s, but after Tonny Lomi with bone-chilling roofs showed society something too early for it to see, Ozzy Osbourne started to walk in his direction. Tackling everything from dark magic to evil, and even a love song by Satan, the next generation kids picked it up instantly and this emerged as the first few flares of ember of Heavy Metal seen by the world.

King Crimson 

Towards the end of the ’60s, Rock and Roll was no longer the simple and fun party music. After The Beatles started taking quantum leaps from its traditional self, came King Crimson who infused a little bit of Jazz, classical and the first significant convergence of avant-garde was put out on display with the singles like 21st Century Schizoid Man and Epitaph. The Pop Rock Genre is also thought to be initially started by King Crimson after the work In the Court of Crimson King.


At the start of 80’s the genre of metal music was in its budding stage, bands like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin were in the charge of it, but Mettalica’s debut release, “ Kill Em All” was the ultimate combination of thrash metals with growling vocals of James Hetfield. And this gave birth to never before the convergence of Metal and Punk, making an astronomical level of history!

The Who

Our most favorite artists albums like Green Day’s “American Idiot” or Pink Floyd’s “ The Wall” would not have existed if it was not for The Who, who had opened the doors widely for abrasive- traditional rock to converge with Rock Opera now loved by many. In the hopes of communication on a mindblowing interactive level, for a music genre more child-like in convergence with electric guitars and traditional rock instrumentation opened up a new horizon for Rock fans

The Beach Boys

With “Pet Sounds” Beach Boys gave birth to their genre of music by creating an original set of sounds. Brian Wilson incorporated his skills of studio trickery onto a level above and elevated the entire genre of Rock and Roll music in all totality.

Wilson had layered dogs barking, guitars, and Jazz which was instrumental in reconsideration of the whole genre.

Rage Against the Machine 

Even though it is quite absurd to think about it, rock and Hip Hop in the late ’80s were considered to be from different realms altogether. They both were abrasive, loud, and dealt with difficult topics, and to be the Cupid of their holy unification was Rage The Machine who went to the extent of writing an entire book on what rap-rock would become with their debut release.

The Doors

With the starting of the ’60s, Rock Musicians were at the heights of experimenting and it started to get real very soon when The Doors debut record brought a magnificent take on the convergence of Blues and Rock, giving birth to Blues rock to the world. At a time where rock stopped playing safe, The Doors stepped up the game with the 11-minute closing song “The End”.

Jane’s Addiction

As the alternative boom was spreading across the earth like wildfire, first significantly instigated by Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction becomes the very first one to wear their funk influences rather proudly. Songs like “Nothing’s Shocking” and “Ritual de Habitual” opened up a whole sphere for music genres for the whole world. The convergence resembled a distorted version of James Brown’s aesthetic of songs, too new and exciting for the world!