The leisurely strolls on cobbled roads, the 9 p.m. sunsets, Eiffel set afire in a million sparkling lights at midnight and more. A summer holiday in Europe is everything you could wish for. Plus, if you’re planning a honeymoon there or a romantic holiday with your partner, there’s no better time or place to visit Italy & France. Of course, you won’t be the only ones visiting these beautiful European countries in summers. It does get a bit too crowded in June – July as this is the perfect time to visit.

The days are long and the weather is just perfect, if not too hot! Which is why, we planned every bit of our holiday. From buying Euro-rail train tickets 6 months before our journey to even buying all the tickets to museums we wanted to go to, like Louvre, Vatican and even Eiffel tower deck tickets.

The lines can get very long and you don’t want to waste your beautiful holiday just standing in lines to see the places you want. Most of the tickets can be easily found on their official websites. To book Eiffel tickets we used the La Tour Eiffel online booking platform. It was comparatively cheaper also. If you book your tickets last minute, the prices can go as high as  €100!


It’s as dreamy as you think it would be. The romantic Venetian Canals and the famed Gondola rides; just the thought of all this had us giddy! If you’re in Venice, don’t just stop there. Take the water-bus and visit the lovely and unique islands of Murano, Burano & the beaches of Lido.


It’s much grander than you can ever imagine and try to visit this place early in the morning to avoid crowds.


Located just walking distance from the Colosseum, the Roman Forum houses all the important ancient government buildings.


A no brainer! But, do try and visit it twice, Once in daylight to get a good view of this marvel and once at night to see the Eiffel sparkling in a million lights..

When in Rome, Eat like Romans!

100 Montaditos Colosseo

After a full tour of the Colosseum in Rome, plus the massive Roman Forum- we were hungry (and thirsty for some wine!) Of course all around the Colosseum there are plenty of restaurants and cafes serving European delicacies. A particular restaurant 100 Montaditos Colosseo caught our eye. Being vegetarian, I obviously wanted a full meal plus some good options: 100 Montaditos Colosseo was this and so much more! It was like a little bit of Spain in Rome. The restaurant is self-service.

One has to go to the counter, place the order and go back to take it. But, this was one of the best and cheapest places we found in Rome. Wine glasses were on €1.5 per glass and we obviously had a couple each!  100 Montaditos Colosseo is actually a Spanish chain known for its small sandwiches and tapas. They have LOTS of variety for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, which is why you will find this place to be crowded almost always.


And most of the menu costs €1 and nothing is more than €5. The food is in small portions, so one can eat many dishes and have variety too. One thing to note is that they charge people who sit outside, extra of €4. So, keep that in mind if you visit 100 Montaditos Colosseo.

We sat in the basement, which is actually pretty cute. It’s a cellar type of place and they have decorated it well.  Their staff is friendly and wonderful too! For the non-vegetarians, they have some great chicken wings and also a great selection of beer which only costs €1 per glass!If you’re in or around the Colosseum, definitely visit 100 Montaditos Colosseo.

Have a couple of tapas, a glass of wine, some fries for a great meal!