Monsoons – the season of detours, off roads, daydreaming and love! The season where everything around us turns gloomy and romantic. When we start enjoying just staying inside and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate by the window side. When suddenly the regular roads and roadside greens starts to feel like special. When we succumb to fried food and midnight snacks. When bunking a couple of gym sessions becomes okay! Well monsoons bring a lot of emotional and routine alterations in all of us. But the flip side is, our body, skin and hair go absolutely gaga due to constant exposure to moisture, humidity and lack of sunlight. So, here are few tips that would help you while tackling your monsoon issues of skin and hair.


Whether you have an oily or a dry scalp, monsoons would tax you on your hair hygiene. This happens due to extreme humidity that leads to a constantly damp scalp. And you have an oily scalp, it would serve just the right meal for fungus and would cause infection. The solution is to wash your hair after a long day of dirt, rain and dust exposure. Always make sure that you dry your hair completely before you tie them up. Monsoon also causes frizziness in hair and this can be cured by using just the right amount of serum along the lengths. Make sure that your shampoo contains a couple of percentage of ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione. This would combat dandruff and dryness of your scalp. Also make sure that you’re using the correct hair mask in monsoon to give nourishment and correct moisturization to your hair and scalp.      


Its an irony that when it’s so wet outside in monsoons, our skin tends to dehydrate due to it. But its actually true! During rainy season we tend to forget that it’s the surface water and moisture that’s making us feel moisturized on skin, not the inner moisturization. Thus, its utmost important to keep your skin moisturized. Make it a habit of cleaning your face with mild foam-based face wash every time you come home. This would wash out the sticky dirt, clean up the unwanted surface moisture and would let your skin breathe. Apply the considerable amount of non-oil-based moisturizer and let your skin get its due!


Though its always advised to have seasonal fruits and vegetables to get glowing and healthy skin. But in monsoons, it’s a savior for you if you have oily or combination skin. Citrus fruits like oranges, lime, pineapple & kiwi are like rain fairy for you. These fruits help in restoring the skin moisture, plus maintains the ph levels are well. If you’re done eating them, how about making a pack of it! Try to avoid cosmetic packs and go for homemade fruit and vegetable face packs. Take any fruit or vegetable that has high water content, crush it and apply on face. Cucumbers are your best friend for monsoons. Eat or apply them on face and body and it would save you from acne and patchy skin.


Lips are one of most sensitive and exposed part of our whole body. Specially during monsoons, they tend to lose their moisture and tend to become flaky, dry and at times, itchy. The solution is – always keep them moisturized with mild & light lip balm. Try to avoid flavored and thick lip products as they act as a coating and does not allow your skin cells to breathe.  Go for products like simple Vaseline petroleum jelly or any medicated lip care product. One in a week exfoliate your lips with honey and sugar to make them subtle and gorgeous!


Mud pack work wonders in monsoon when you have that never going layer of oil and dirt on your face. Clay pack absorbs that extra oil in your pores and makes your skin fresh, non-shinny and soft. Mineral clay packs along with hydrating agents like rose water or cucumber would be a complete savior if you have extra oily, acne & white heads prone skin.


This is the most important thing that we all avoid after a long and hectic day. Monsoons won’t spare you if you don’t take out some time to pamper your skin before you go to bed. Make sure that you’ve removed all of your makeup before you hit your bed. Properly moisturize your skin and lips and it would give you back once you get up with glowing and subtle skin for your next humid and wet day. Always detangle your hair completely and dry your hair with microfiber towel before you sleep. This would reduce your problem of hairfall and frizzyness.