Different parts of the world have felt the pandemic under different lights which could also be instrumental to the varied spectrum of fashion trends we will see a rise. 

     Fashion has time and again echoed the scenario of the world we live in hence significant historic events like World War I, World War II and the Economic Depression all had remodeled the fashion industry giving it brand new edges to strengthen and grow from. Not only does it turn the trends that are in vogue but according to an article written by Medium, we come across the fact that due to inadequate communication between the US and Europe, New York replaced Paris as a fashion leader. Furthermore, this post-pandemic has been doing the same; it is profoundly impacting the fashion industry in all oneness.

  So the Fashion Industry today is drawing many parallels among the scenarios after the World wars in a post-pandemic situation. Since fashion is not only a part of our daily lives but after some stages of life it becomes a part of our identity hence, fashion is not homogenous but it consists of different facets and is filled with versatility. Different parts of the world have felt the pandemic under different lights which could also be instrumental to the varied spectrum of fashion trends we will see a rise. 

  So let us dive right in and find out about the key fashion items that would make your perfect capsule wardrobe during this post-pandemic.


  The main concept of a capsule wardrobe is based on the concept of sustainability. So in this list, we will be looking at timeless fashion items. And to top our list we have penny loafers whose fame stretches back a century in the past. Although initially, they wear a part of men’s fashion, nowadays women have also adopted it in their daily attires.

  To play up the gamine traditional look women have balanced it with chequered, oversized blazers, large chunky watches and finally navy washed jeans to upscale their modern take on this look. Saint Laurent’s has played it safe and came out with very classic and traditional penny loafers in shades of suede and black. But Manolo Bahantaik and Khaite have added a little more feministic touch to the pieces by giving them a more streamlined shape. Their buttery soft and sandy hues will be perfect when paired up with floral dresses or straight trouser pants with a silk shirt loosely tucked, and here you have it your effortless off-duty staple.


Jewelry nowadays serves as the frosting to your effortless, chic, downtown outfits. With minimalism on the rise, instead of Bib Necklaces, fashion addicts have opted for delicate pendants and chains which add to the look without completely stealing your outfit and makeup’s spotlight. But we have to keep in mind that consumers are also getting bored by the overly simple designs of the delicate jewelry and instead of that are opting for unique designs in everyday pieces like special cut diamonds and engravings or Milgram. 

Substantial earrings, Colourful hoops, and personalized jewelry are essentials that you would surely need to invest in for your ideal capsule wardrobe to be all rounded.  


  With our office coming to our homes rather than we making the effort to get out of bed and make ourselves look presentable before stepping out till further notice, sweatshirts, sweatpants, or as in a matter of fact athleisure and loungewear clothing are on the surge. The most ardent fashion fans and trendsetters have now the topmost criterion as comfort giving birth to a new type of fashion wardrobe known as comfortable yet chic.

  And luxury sweatshirts can make a perfect capsule wardrobe this year with which you could never go wrong. Skin and Frankie Shop came up with cashmere and cotton tracksuits in solid pastel colors. With minimalism on the rise, their track suites are perfectly designed with a simple yet expensive outlook. Throw your hair up with a silk scrunchy and add some delicate jewelry to top off the look to achieve a comfortable yet elegant outfit. Or you can upscale your look more into the lux side by pairing it with a trench coat and a pair of boxed sneakers and now you have achieved an insouciant airport look. >>