Top 10 aphrodisiac food

Getting the act right and strong is a complete treasure hunt, and hitting the perfect spot is so hard and tricky. In this world full of all kinds of pollution and adulteration in the form of water, alcohol, food, microwaves and what not! You believe it or not but all these factors are heavily affecting productivity of people.

This affect is not only in the terms of mental productivity but also for the sexual activity. We get easily tiered, stressed & fatigue which is where the supplements come in picture. But is it really the only option to increase your sex drive? Well a big NO for this! Here we are with the list of 10 magical food items that are natural stimulants and have the power to organically enhance your bedroom life:


Not only to scare the shit out of your friends – pumpkin is a superb ingredient to enhance your sex drive. Experts say that pumpkin is rich in magnesium & potassium, which would help your man increase his stamina, enhance the muscle fiber and get you both at high octane. So, net time when you cook this low-profile veggie – don’t even let him say NO!


It might be bug NO when you’re planning to hang out with your partner, but garlic would be a great option to enhance your performance in bed. Specially for your man – would increase their cardiovascular potency, make them stress less and reduce the fatigue. And you know it well ladies – their stamina can get you all the ever-imagined heights!


An apple a day can certainly keep your doctor away, but if your bae is a doc – it would keep him closer! Apples are really beneficial for the early starters, for all you younger & curious lot – it would enhance the sexual activity pleasure keeping the longevity intact.


No need to mention, but bananas are the most phallic item of entire food world. Made meme of, being taunted of and gets correlated with a lot of things. But nobody knew that all this would make complete sense! Bananas contain high levels of vitamin B12 & potassium which helps your man last longer in his act. So, next time when he kinks you on making him have a banana – just make sure he haves one!


When the oldies made the man drink almond & turmeric milk on the first night, it was no simple-stupid tradition. They actually knew the benefits of almonds for the newly wed couple. Almonds actually contain a lot of good fatty acids which improves & stimulates the hormone production & also acts as a stimulant for the females.


Calling him ‘honey’ won’t solve your puzzle, make him have it or rather have it together. This pure liquid gold has medicinal qualities which increases the opening of blood vessels that intern affects the foreplay process and enhances the sustenance of male erection. This would make the blood rush quickly in the high nerve ending areas of the female body such as clitoris & nipples. And you know it well girls how would that benefit you – RIGHT?


Don’t you get kinky on chocolate – it actually helps to increase the feeling of desire & attachment. Both of these products contain caffeine which acts as a mood fixer and trust me ladies – a man in best mood & high energy level would give you the best moments of your bedroom life!


India is the land of spices and also is the land of ‘kamasutra’ – are these correlated? Well, YES! The spices play quite a vital role in increasing the sex drive in people. Saffron has many other medicinal qualities and one of them being an enhancer of sperm mobility. This in turn increases the fertility of your man. So, all you married ladies planning to have kids – get him his fav sweet dish loaded with saffron!       


Being the most decorative item for your smoothies, custards & salads, pomegranates would now interest your even more! It is full of antioxidants which enhances the blood flow to all the essential organs – genitals being one of them!


This spice can make your taste buds bomb like anything and guess what’s the best part of that – it releases adrenaline that in-turn gets you mood! So, now when you call him over for dinner date at your place – keep the red chili quotient high and see him run behind you!