Top 8 things to do this monsoon

Check out the top picks for what to eat, drink, read, buy, wear, carry, where to visit & what to listen to.

1. EAT

Well winters are going to knock the door a few months later.. thus its absolutely pointless to crave for a summer fir abs and cuts!

Girls.. give a pause to your dieting habits (even instinct for some) and grab a plate of fries from the road side or even get it made by your moms and if not maids (for kitchen starfish).

There could be nothing more soothing than a bowl full of freshly made fries, a dip & steaming hot beverage by its side.

Call your bae and let him lure your lazy side as well!!


Well its call of the season to keep it rich with Vitamin C – since your body requires that in such humidly hot atmosphere.

Sangria is the best fit for such surroundings. Just chop some oranges, lime (or whatever citrus fruit you have), pour the liquor of your choice and bring it to the table!


Saya Lopez Ortega ‘s ‘The seduction expert’ is the best pick to read this monsoon. It talks about the toss and turn of femme life & much more to explore

4. BUY

With Ranveer Singh flaunting all his weird shaped and colored shades, its high time for you to buy for yourself!

The latest Gigi Hadid’s Vogue eye gear could be one of the best picks for this season.


Covelong music & yoga festival 23rd to 25th august this season could be one of the best experiences to have in coming months!

With the serenity of Bay of Bengal and artistic flavors of the eastern India, it has both the rustic as well as new age vibe.


What a Print-athon season it has been, with all kinds of fabrics and prints coming in. Be it print on print, scarves print, animal print – as long as its printed – BRING IT IN!


Big bags are like yesterday fashion! Its the perfect time to keep it hyper light and simple with either a small clutch or a tiny sling by the side.


What else to groove to than Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’! Put on your headphone and just zone out to the Bilie’s universe of music !