Remember those times in the early 90s, when briefcases were a thing? Every “gentlemen” had a black briefcase? From a villain handing the briefcase – “Kaam hojana chahiye to a hero like Sharukh Khan dancing with it in Yes Boss songs, box type briefcases came a long way. Gone are the days when your dadaji’s briefcase was out fashion and outdated. It’s 2019 and the trend of box based clutches (like most of the grandmothers calling it a briefcase) is back and how!

They now come in almost all shapes and sizes, from a camera-shaped box clutch to a piano one. Box clutch comes with a rationale that it will go well with any outfit, Indian wear, Western or Indo-western. Name it and there is a box clutch available for every attire. From being low maintenance while assuring classic impeccability. Not only Bollywood actresses like Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, Shilpa Shetty, Dia Mirza, and Isha Gupta have been seeing rocking the box clutch look, but top Hollywood fashion icons like Shailene Woodley, Andie MacDowell,  Sandara Bullock to the royalty Meghan Markle were seen supporting the look.

To give a little jist on how these little beings came into existence – In the 1920s, clutches were born out of sexism. I think every girl/woman would relate to the fact that they have been absolutely agitated at some point in their life because of the small rat-like pockets in their jeans that can barely fit a coin! Clutches came to our rescue as an additional accessory to mend the damage made by sexism in the prevalent patriarchal society.  Feminist alert 2018, brought back the use of these long-forgotten beauties. You can pair it up with anything and it becomes a statement piece.

It saves you the discomfort of heavy strappy bags that hurt your hands and shoulders. Not only do they give a fresh feel to your outfit by adding that extra zing, but they also minimize the extra baggage. Amidst all the pros, clutch bags have also not been in the most preferred list of accessory to carry because it doesn’t allow you to carry your entire house with you, as it’s the habit of most of the women these days, where they want to carry the entire world in their handbag!

Box based clutches give you a hassle-free ride where you can be set free! Just carry your minimal essentials and you are good to go. Whether it’s the night of dancing crazily on the dance floor or a subtle romantic dinner date, or even a wedding that you have to attend, box clutches are your go-to best friend. It flourishes your outfit right away.  So, throw those heavy aunty kinds of handbags away and opt for a more chic look by carrying the right form of clutch. The trendier the better. With such minimal effort and baggage, you can have your hands at other right places. 😉 Like you can pose with the other hand. What did you think?