Astrology is nothing but a series of observation of human behavior and then a tactful permutation & combination from that. Our personal take or validation is just a stance of time, people have been believing this art from ages and it will go ahead till the end of the time.

There are a lot of things attached to the time/ place/ date of our birth and this in turn makes our nature, behavior, psychology and as per some – our destiny!

Though this is subject to an ever-ending debate that whether the stars and planets determine our past, present & future or not. But same debate is there for the existence of God!

So, rather than getting into the baseless and proof less discussions and agitations, we are here with your spirit animal as per your zodiac and their respective traits in you:

ARIES (20 Mar- 19 Apr) | CHEETAH

Being a fire sign you are highly driven by your instinct, passion, heath and emotion. Can’t hoard things! You have the maximum productivity once you work alone. Like cheetah you are a powerhouse of energy and positivity, but only comes to action when you’re chasing something. Born leaders and work amazingly in managing the team. Your attitude at times back fires when you are supposed to pamper your beloved.   

TAURUS (20 Apr- 20 May) | BULL

You are an ultimate example of patience and humility. Like bull you have loads of charge built within which comes out in real adverse conditions of getting hurt or being heartbroken. Otherwise you are quite a compassionate person who knows to handle family, friends and work together. Though this characteristic becomes a problem for you as you become too understanding for those as well who are there to take advantage of your humble nature.

GEMINI (21 May- 21 Jun) | DEER

You are the major ingredient for fun! The one person without whom your friends & colleagues can’t even think of partying. As fun loving as deer, people hate to get into arguments with you. Just control your frequent mood swings and energy drop in between for a consistent lifestyle & relationships.

CANCER (22 Jun- 22 Jul) | WOODPECKER

Warm, loving, caring, loving and an amazing parent. You have a heart of gold that becomes numb for almost everyone who demands some kind of affection and attention. Like woodpecker, you know how to the perfect utilization of the available resources without cribbing for anything. At times people hurt you bad, which is when you go into your own cocoon.

LEO (23 Jul- 22 Aug) | SALMON

You rule the zodiac world with full zeal and energy. Leo getting linked to inherited lion streak is not a new agenda, since you relate a lot to the king of the jungle. Being outrageous, upfront, independent, self sufficient are some of the characteristics. But your true spirit animal is Salmon. Swimming anti stream, attractive, team player are certain similar traits.

VIRGO (23 Aug- 22 Sep) | BEAR

You have a special inclination towards seeing  the perfection in the things around you. You are intelligent, affectionate, shy and incredibly hardworking. Just like cuddly bears you so generous that at times others may charge you for their own benefit.

LIBRA (23 Sep- 22 Oct) | RAVEN

Beauty, intelligence, charm and luxury – these are certain mild down synonyms for your behavior and personality. Just like the pleasant, clam and kind features of raven, you are also a cherished by all kind of person. When it comes to romantic association with your counterpart, you are energetic, romantic, caring and loving partner.

SCORPIO (23 Oct- 21 Nov) | SNAKE

The most mysterious, unexplored, introverted signs of the complete zodiac world. Its really hard to break open you and get inside your real emotion and intention. Just as snakes do, your personality at times seems to be quite dark and unpredictable. The best part is, you are quite passionate and intense with your partner. Your bae totally enjoys the unforeseen ride of enigma and fun you put them on.

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov- 21 Dec) | OWL

You are driven by intelligence, positivity, pace, enthusiasm, creativity & passion. You are unharnessed and can’t be die-casted. Owl being your spirit animal, you always try to be at a place where you are continuously nurtured, cared, entertained and made the center of attraction. If goes uncontrolled, you can get selfish, self-centered and can’t be really leashed.

CAPRICORN (22 Dec – 19 Jan) | GOOSE

You are not much of a people’s person. You are one of the loners of the zodiac. Synergizing to the characteristics of the goose, you can’t follow the rules set by others around you. You always make your own path and set your own rules. Being a domestic bird goose have a real special equation with the people around them. You are funny, compassionate, lovable and warm.

AQUARIUS (20 Jan- 18 Feb) | OTTER

You are the good-looking, dashing, eye pleaser and quirky of all. You love to enjoy company of others, but that’s till the time others are satisfying your creative/ intellectual need. Otter being your spirit animal gives you immense creativity, self-entertainment quality and love for life. You just float on your own through the goods and bads of life.  

PISCES (19 Feb- 20 Mar) | WOLF

You are the visionary, the one who can see beyond how the things really are. Though you have the capacity and intention to rule the world alone, but you like to work in pack. You know how to enjoy yourself and create your impression on others.