Gone are the days when Raj waited for Simran in the mustard fields and Simran left everything behind and fell in his arms. Where Rahul realised his love for Anjali and stated that “Pyaar dosti hai” or when Aman confessed his love for Naina on his deathbed. The portrayal of love, pyaar, ishq and mohabbat has changed its due with the course of time.

It’s the 21st century and now all you can expect from a romantic relationship is romance behind the screens. The love story or rather a match starts with a right swipe. People are connected virtually, if I may put so they are in a relationship with their phone screens, which starts with a right swipe and ends with a block.

The 90s kids like me remember love as a most innocent and selfless form of romance. From stealing secret glances to writing their names at the back of our notebooks and finding FLAMES. Life and Love was so much simpler.
These days, love has changed. Dating has changed. It has become more complicated and complex.

Here are some of the reasons why –

1. With the slightest of inconvenience people end their relationships. No one tries to mend it up or make it work. It’s a generation where if anything is broken, they don’t fix it rather they throw it away.

2. They Ghost Away – Instead of ending things maturely face-face, millennials are usually seen as disappearing if they are not interested. Not Responding and Ignoring instead of sitting down and ending it. If you are lucky enough, you might get a text saying it’s over. In the worst case you won’t know and you will be blocked.

3. It’s all Physical – Sex is available literally at your fingertips (pun intended). With just a swipe you will just be with someone on a bed. There is absolutely zero effort put in knowing them, its just a one time thing.

4. No Caring is Cool – We live in a time where caring less is termed as cool, and caring more as being clingy. Replying to a text right away is too desperate and too available. Showing efforts is looked down upon. Materialistic things have taken over things that actually an emotional value. A big shiny ring is preferred instead of a promise to be together. A voice note over a beautifully hand written note.

5. Too Many Options – Millennials do not believe that they have to compromise on anything because there is always someone with a better family life, better hobbies or better bank account. They move from one person to another and even if they land on someone they love they will still find reasons that they deserve better or there is someone better out there. They are afraid of commitment.

Honestly, you can’t blame it all on the millennials either. The generation itself is going through a turmoil where everyone just wants to fit in. A little more of realism and love and a little less of selfishness might help. Till then enjoy your Bollywood movies.