Winters are here and the your skin is going to be all out of proportion as the coldness and dryness of the winter season befalls. Dry, flaky skins seems to be a norm of every winter season. But don’t worry we have got you some tips and tricks that can protect your beautiful skin and give it the charm and glow of the spring season –

1. Moisture your Skin – During Winters Moisturizer is your best friend. You don’t step out of the house with moisturizing your skin. It’s not just a skincare tip but also works like a dream while you apply your makeup.

2. No Powdery Things – As moisturizer is your best friend, anything powdery is your foe this season, powder can make your skin look dull and take away the moisture which is already less during winters, adding to dry and patchy skin.

3. Invest in a good primer – During winters your skin needs hydration and moisture the most. Go way for a luminous primer instead of a matte finish as it add glow to your face.

4. Liquid and Cream it Up – Liquid and Cream based products should take over powdery and matte finish products. Be it Foundation, Concealer or even a lipstick. Go all Liquid and Creamy.

Following these easy tips and tricks will do wonders and you will be like Elsa singing the Cold never bothered me anyway.