Gone are the days when the man of your dreams will come on a white horse and take you away.  A knight in a shining armour coming and swaying you off your feet, leaving you spell bound. It’s 2019 ladies and probably your knight in a shining armour is stuck on some tree or lost his way!

But all these things don’t stop us from daydreaming. Our eyes search for our Tall, dark and handsome man in the all the corners, but sadly, the earth is round! There’s not an objective definition of a perfect man that universally fits for all. Different woman have different traits and choices when it comes to choosing a man. Your sun sign or your zodiac sign can tell a lot about your personality, and help you choose an ideal partner for yourself

So, keep reading to find out the type of guy that’s perfect for you, according to your zodiac sign –

(20 MAR – 19 APR)

Aries – Aries woman are known for their bold choices and independence. Logical, Strong and Empowered are the words that are usually associated with this sun sign. For an Aries woman, a man with a sensitive pinch of emotions, who can charm her by his efforts and trustworthiness is perfect. The sun sings that go well with Aries woman are Cancer and Pisces as they are known for their charming personalities and availability of emotions. As they opposite attract, as so shall be the case here because two level headed signs only clash.

(20 APR – 20 MAY)

Taurus – Taurus woman are the ones that embraces the finer things in life. Sensual, admirer of beauty. Taurus is represented by a fixed sign that means they are determined and do the things that they want to. For Taurus – A man with the same likings and traits is a bonus. A Taurus man goes well with a Taurus Woman.

(21 MAY – 21 JUN)

Gemini – Romantic, Playful are some of the traits associated with Gemini born. The Gemini Woman is often a sapiosexual – someone who is extremely turned on by intelligence and a keen intellect. Cancer and Libra are the signs that Gemini Woman should look for as they provide her with Loyalty, Fun Adventure and Emotional Support.

(22 JUN – 22 JUL)

Cancer – Unlike the dreadful name Cancer Woman are extremely ambitious and Kind. Sensitive, probably someone who cries during movies. The best match for these woman are men of Libra and Taurus dissent. Stable, Self-assured, Steady and down to earth is sure to calm the nerves down of our Cancer Woman.

(23 JUL – 22 AUG)

Leo – The Tigress! Ferocious. Leo woman has an attitude and class that adds to her personality. Leo Woman want someone who is more on the gentle side as they are steady headed. Scorpio surprisingly fits very well with Leo as both share common traits in being passionate and loyal and compliment each other. The other sign that really goes well with Leo is Gemini as he is a kind hearted gentlemen.

For more signs keep on following the space, till then happy hunting!!